Captain's Log
3 July 2007

Day 2, at sea off Townsville

Ahoy there,Today broke with a beautiful sunrise over Young Endeavour at anchor. Wakey wakey was called at 0630 and with in 5 minutes all aboard were up on deck for a brisk stroll around the deck and a name game to facilitate the learning of all our new ship mates. After that it was down to the cafe for a well earned breakfast and shower before the first of many morning briefs. On completion of morning brief all crew (staff included) got their hands dirty with ‘Happy Hour’ – cleaning stations, holding true to the addage, that a clean ship is a happy ship!With happy hour complete, it was time to get down to some serious sail training. All watches started off with Line Handling and Deck Safety and a brief from Captain Safety, then lunch and then some setting and furling drills at anchor. By 1400 every one was champing at the bit to get underway to start their adventure under sail and also to get some wind over the deck to lessen the heat of tropical north QLD.With anchors aweigh, all watches commenced setting sails before rolling into some tacking drills, where all Youth Crew learned their tacking station and how to move the sails from one side of the ship to the other in a coordinated manner.By 1620 all activities for the day were complete and watches commenced. Duties undertaken by the watch on include: helming (steering), lookout, rounds and watch leader. There is a lot to learn in such a short period of time and all watches have taken on the challenge of sailing a square rigged ship with tenacity.Until tomorrow…J.J. CowanCMDR, RANVoyage Captain


18° 59' South / 146° 50' East


Wind: light and variableSwell: nilclear skyTemp: 19c