Captain's Log
5 October 2015

Day 17 – At Anchor Malta

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 17 of our voyage. Overnight we had mixed conditions with wind one minute and nothing the next, which kept our World Voyagers very busy with plenty of sails to set, furl then set again. With these conditions came an unpleasant NNW swell which also upset some of the stomachs of the crew who I think wished they were back sailing the calm waters of the Greek Islands. By 0800 this morning we were located 5nm from Grand Harbour Valletta waiting for approval from Valletta Port Control to head into our planned anchorage. Regrettably someone had not passed on the information about our early arrival to Port Control so we had to make a snappy call to the Australian High Commission who quickly got things sorted out, though this meant proceeding to another anchorage. The benefit of this was that our new anchorage was in this beautiful little bay 9nm to the north of Valletta called Mellieha Bay.  Once at anchor in Mellieha Bay we sent the Youth Crew aloft to put harbour furls on the squares then gave them some down time to sit around with other crew members and learn a little bit about each other in preparation for the evenings ‘Three Way Chats’.  At 1600 given our picturesque anchorage we decided to open the pool and let everyone enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters of Mellieha Bay. We also rigged the ships rope swing so we got to witness some pretty impressive acrobatics from this World Voyage Crew.   Once completed Miquela our Navigator gave everyone a brief on how to keep the ship safe while at anchor and now everyone has settled into anchor watches for the night. Tomorrow we will depart our anchorage at 0800 and rendezvous with HMAS Anzac then make an impressive entry into Valletta’s Grand Harbour together at 1000 then proceed alongside to our designated berths.  The World Voyagers are pretty excited about our visit to Malta as Stefan our World Voyager from Malta has told us so much about his beautiful country. Young Endeavour will spend four days in Valletta which will give everyone a good opportunity to explore the islands and enjoy a little time away from the ship prior to us sailing for Gibraltar.  Until we depart Malta, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav” 


35° 58' North / 14° 21' East


Currently at anchor in Mellieha Bay (Malta) and enjoying light NW winds with nil swell. Current temperature is 17 degrees.