Captain's Log
15 April 2015

Day 12 – Sunshine And Calm Seas

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 12 of our voyage. What a difference 24hrs can make as today we have experienced blue skies, relatively calm seas and wind moderating to 15kts. The smiles and colour has returned to everyone’s face and you can see that enjoyment not just survival has returned to the voyage. Gone was the sleep in this morning and we have returned to a normal full and action packed dayTonight one of our wonderful Kiwi Crew Sedef kindly volunteered to write the Captains Log so rather than me telling you about our day I will handover to Sedef to give you her take on today’s activities. Enjoy!!Until tomorrow, take care. Yours Aye  Captain Gav  Captains Log 15 April 2015     Kia Ora and G’day from the sunny Mediterranean! I and my stomach are so pleased to report that the weather Gods have smiled upon us and granted our first full day of clear blue skies and slight seas. The day began with the usual brief from Knuckle, tall yarns from Taffy (‘two piece feed’ as the meaning behind ‘2, 6 heave’?), extravagant dress-ups from Lindsay and the all important update from Cap’n Gav. Despite us world voyagers (A.K.A. ‘whiskey victors’) inadvertently zig zagging all over the show on the helm, he assured us that progress has been good and we are puttering along to our final destination quite nicely.Excitement to reach Canakkale is definitely mounting. Prior to an afternoon siesta, Taffy gave a lesson on the rules of the sea, providing us with extra knowledge that we have applied during our two and four hour watch shifts and reminding us that two blinking lights means “piss off.” Once again rope races were held in the afternoon as yet another form of inter-watch rivalry, and the scores are looking evermore close as we all become more familiar with the ship.The day was really made special however by an ANZAC-themed trivia night held by Corey and Issie. Safe to say that today has provided many opportunities for sunshine and smiles, and as a result morale is at an all time high. Other than the special activities, life on board continues as normal with excellent tucker from Double A, great support from the staffies and perpetual mutual banter between all the Aussies and us three Kiwis. Don’t worry New Zealand, we are holding our own! Everyone is now looking forward to a good sleep and another full day with just as much joy.Sedef Duder-Ozyurt – Auckland, New Zealand  P.S – ‘ Happy year and a half to my better half Jamie! Missing you heaps. Lots of love, Kel.’” 


37° 43' North / 6° 20' East


Currently located 290nm to the west of Sicily motor sailing and experiencing moderate 10-15kt ESE winds with a 1m ESE swell. Our current boat speed is  8.5kts and the temperature is 14 degrees