Captain's Log
1 January 2015

Day 12 – Passing Chatham Islands

Hi Everyone, Welcome to day 12 of our Voyage. As advised last night I will now get the Crew to write the Captains Log on a regular basis so here is tonights entry written by Grace from Blue Watch.Until tomorrow, Take careYours AyeCaptain Gav  Hi Everyone,The day started at 0330 for Blue Watch with a chilly 10 degrees. The morning watch (our favourite) included a glorious sunrise which we enjoyed from atop the yards and a super big, vicious Hoki fish snagged by Chef Aaron who then released it back into the wild – What a hunter!We couldn’t ask for a better start to the day.This swiftly followed by another cracking breakfast hosted by Master Chef Aaron (best cooking ever … sorry mum).The usual then commenced with squaring away our racks, the infamous Happy Hour and then… LAND! We were lucky enough to sail between the remote Chatham Islands and spent the rest of the morning lounging on the bow with books, sun, musical instruments and a beautiful sight for sore eyes.Lunch then followed – DELISH!After a short kip, Lindsey’s Rope Races was on – the Watches going head to head on our sailing and ship knowledge … Blue Watch Triumphed. Hoorah!This afternoon Taffy was kind enough to set up a fitness circuit so we could get our crazies out and burn off some steam. Any passer-by would have commented on the sight: 16 crew swinging kettle bells, squatting, drumming out some push ups, sit ups and boxing so as to avoid the sense of stagnation. A definite favourite amongst the Rabble. Thanks Taffy.Due to the serious lack of wind today we have only averaged about 4.5 knots, meaning we have now set all our squares along with some staysails and are looking like a proper tall ship. However, fingers crossed we see some serious wind soon or, at this rate, we wont be seeing Argentina for another 54 days.I think the biggest challenge I will be faced with on this ship is getting off at Rio. So far the friends, watches, time spend aboard, the experiences aloft and on deck have been unsurpassable.Also… special shout out to Jodie. Blue Watches ring leader, caretaker, surrogate Mum, source of hilarity and an absolute Champion.Yours Aye,Grace “ 


43° 39' South / 176° 0' West


Currently located 10nm to the NE of the Chatham Islands and experiencing light and variable winds with a 1m SW swell. Current temperature is 15 degrees.