Captain's Log
V14/21 Sydney to Sydney
25 November 2021

Day 11 – Fare thee well shipmates

Well, ladies and gents, boys and girls, today is the final day of V14/21 and shiver me timbers (ye olde nautical saying), what a voyage it’s been. We’ve had some great weather, amazing sailing and some not so great weather, but heaps of fun and adventure! I’m sure the youthies will remember this voyage forever. Youth crew did one final happy hour this morning, to ensure a clean ship for the oncoming youth crew, which commences Monday. Then at 0900 we weighed anchor and shaped a course for HMAS Waterhen. At 0930 youthies manned (and womaned) the yards as we passed under the old coathanger. We let off a volley of cannon fire to announce our arrival and berthed starboard side-to HMAS Waterhen at 1000. A farewell and presentation ceremony followed before we bid adieu to our newest of salty-sea-dog-shipmates. I’ve had a fantastic voyage and I know the other staff members did too. Thanks to the persistence, resilience and adaptability of the youthies, because they are the ones who made it a success. Thanks must also go to the staff crew who did an amazing job throughout, well done everyone.Well that’s it from me, but like I said to the gang today, their voyage is over but the journey never ends… you may be leaving Young Endeavour but the Young Endeavour never leaves you. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Yours Aye, Captain Adam Charlie Farley+