Captain's Log
V01/20 Hobart to Hobart
14 January 2020

Day 11 – Community Day Sail and a Final Farewell

Aho shipmates…Day 11…the end is nigh! It’s been another very busy day conducting our Community Day Sail with guests from the Association for Children with a Disability Tasmania. The youth crew were gracious hosts as well sailed around the Derwent, and I’m fairly certain our guests enjoyed themselves. That’s about it from me, but before I hand you over to the youth crew may I saw it has been a pleasure having this diverse group of young Australians join us for our Tassie adventure…it’s been fun. We wish them well in their future endeavours. For the final time this voyage, Cap K…out!
Day 11:
We started today with heavy hearts as today was our last full day. Trying to make every moment count we had a usual early start with laps of the deck and some yoga run by Tjina. To the youthies delight, the participation of the staffie’s was a highlight to the morning. The usual upbeat Happy Hour was a bit more intense today as we had to have the ship sparkling for our guests who joined us for a half day voyage. We then welcomed all on by 1000 to set sail by 1030. Demonstrations and tours were given on how the boat runs and most of our guests even got to help out by setting sails such as the jib and the forestaysail. Captain Kenny even gave a few lucky passengers a tutorial on using the helm and was impressed by the efforts of two young lads who effortlessly steered the boat around the harbour. Yet again Adam and Keely astounded us with their amazing work in the galley pulling off yet another delicious meal. We then showed them the ropes of the ship (quite literally). The sparkling eyes of many of our guests as we ascended up the loft and into the clouds were definitely a highlight for many of our youthies. We were also surprised to get a guest visit from the youth minister Richard ….. and the executive director of the young endeavor program …., it was exciting to see the person behind the program that has taught and changed us so much. After three and a half hours of sailing around the harbour and giving tours, we started to head back but along the way to say goodbye to our new friends we fired the cannon (which surprisingly didn’t hit anyone). We then had some free time in Hobart to explore and relax and also call our parents on pay phones whom we miss very much. Arriving back to the ship we were greeted by ben with another intense installment of rope wars between the watches in which red watch dominated (as usual). Later that night followed homemade pizza and a disco playing classic dance crazes. We then settled in to watch a slide show reminiscing on all of our favorite moments and a song performed and written by Heidi and Phoenix. Overall an amazing day and a great way to conclude our voyage.
Written by: Phoenix, Rhys, Kel, Vani
“With comfort comes safety, but when being removed from that comfort comes profit and reward” – Rhys
“Two roads diverged into one, and I took the road less travelled” – Phoenix


42 53s / 147 24e


Wind: NE at 4 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Calm Location: At anchor off Howrah Beach