Captain's Log
V05/21 Newcastle to Brisbane
15 June 2021

Day 10 – That’s All Folks!

Ahoy shipmates! – Day 10…a bittersweet one. The gang have covered the day below, so all that is left me to do is to thank the youth crew for the trip…it’s been a blast. Although few in number, they have embraced the adventure of the last 10 days with enthusiasm, and hopefully will leave with no regrets. Newcastle, Port Stephens, Coffs Harbour, Mooloolaba, Tangalooma and Brisbane. Rough seas, calm seas, lots of wind, no wind…this trip had it all, and reminded us that mother nature is the boss!. We wish them every success for their future endeavours. They are now, and always will be, part of the Young Endeavour family. On a personal note, this has been my last voyage in Command of this magnificent vessel. To all the youth crew and staff crew I have sailed with over my 8 year association with Young Endeavour, encompassing 3 separate postings in a variety of roles…thanks for the memories. It’s you that make the program the success it has been over the past 33 years! Wishing you all fair winds and following seas. For the final time…Captain Kenny…out!———–

A new day dawned at Tangalooma as the sun gradually showed its face over the top of the dunes. Both the youthies and Captain Kenny were finding it hard to believe it was our final full day aboard STS Young Endeavour. Last night, most youthies were able to catch up on some much needed sleep before jumping into a few rounds of deck games to kick start our morning. This was before we tucked into a delicious breakfast from our chefo – Keely. Although it was our last day, there was no doubt that we were going to be kept occupied.
Our morning brief started with our usual entertaining weather talk from Emma, accompanied by a short history and acknowledgement of the Turrbal people of the Brisbane and Moreton Bay region. We also got a `comedic` spiel from salty on the meaning of nautical terms such as figurehead, heads and bidet. Nanna also made a notable appearance. After happy hour, we weighed anchor and watched as the beautiful wrecks faded behind us. As we arrived in the port of Brisbane, all youthies were on deck enjoying the newfound perspective on the city. We were met at the HMAS Moreton Naval Base and quickly docked before preparing to disembark and explore Bulimba. Some bought coffees while others enjoyed a treat from the bakery as we discussed in our watches our voyage and all it entailed. We walked back to the ship before having a brief interaction with the 50 year old naval base cockatoo – Bob (he wasn’t too keen on coming down and saying hello). The sun was then setting as we climbed up the foremast and along the yards to harbour furl the topsail and topgallant sail before tying the gaskets. It was picturesque as it began to sprinkle and a rainbow formed over the mouth of the river – something Kenny was convinced he was controlling.
After gourmet pizzas for dinner, all youthies gathered at mid ships to watch our end of voyage presentations. After a few skits, a poem by our very own modern day Shakespeare Will R-S and a slideshow consisting of some memorable moments along the way, we left feeling enlightened on what an adventure this has been. We are so very blessed to have been selected for such a great program, one that has given us as what can only be described as a life changing and fulfilling experience. It will be very sad to farewell our new life-long friends, watch leaders TJ, Benny and Dan, navigator Emma, engineer Reggie, watch officer Keithy, chef Keely and sail master Jemma. We of course can’t forget Captain Kenny, who on his final voyage and has given us a wealth of knowledge, shared his experiences and provided great insight. He will forever be a part of Young Endeavour. We’ve enjoyed our time onboard and it will incessantly be a story to share. Youthies of V05/21 signing off for the last time.
~ Hugh, Mitch and Will R-S


27 26s / 153 04e


Wind: 0 Weather: Fine Sea: Calm Location: Alongside HMAS Moreton.