Captain's Log
V08/17 Sydney (NSW) to Sydney (NSW)
18 April 2017

Day 10 – some new friends

Hi All,

A great restful night at anchor for our young mariners. We weighed anchor just after breakfast and proceeded to Garden Island and berthed at the Navy’s Fleet Base where we embarked a small group of guests from the Southerland Shire Disability Services for a few hours out on the harbour. We enjoyed a lovely calm day with just enough wind to set a sail or two and sing a few songs. The Youth Crew led our ‘choir of the seas’ in wonderful renditions of the latest chart toppers, including Peel Bananas and the crowd favourite Crabs and Sea Shells. After diembarking our guests the Youth Crew proceeded ashore to escape me and more importantly, do their end-of-Voyage talks. Once back on board we sailed again and went to anchor at Athol Bight very near the world-famous Taronga Park Zoo. We did harbour furls of the square sails to make them look all nice and tidy for coming alongside tomorrow. It is always hard work up the mast and most of the Youth Crew were spent – Connor had shaking legs which kept us amused for some time. As the sun set we ate pizza and ice cream on deck. In case my wife Lou reads the Log tonight, I meant to say we had organic skinless chicken ceaser salad and a light serving of fruit. Tonight we will be watching a ‘slide show’ with pics from our Voyage, singing a few songs because we can and doing our feedback forms. Tomorrow is the end of the Voyage but perhaps just a part of all our individual and collective journeys. I will have opportunity to address families, friends and loved ones when we arrive tomorrow but for those who can’t make it, I want to acknowledge the wonderful Youth Crew who have done so much and made this a very memorable Voyage. The Youth Crew have not only been great participants but great contributors – you have every right to be proud of them. Thanks for following us through the Voyage and I wish you all the very best. Captain Yak, Voyage Captain


33 Deg 51 Min South / 151 Deg 15 Min East


A glorious day in Sydney Harbour - light and variable at 5 knots, sunny and 23 Degrees.