Captain's Log
V19/16 Fremantle (WA) to Esperance (WA)
12 August 2016

Day 10 – half day sail

Hi All,

This morning we weighed anchor from fantastic Woody Island and proceeded to Esperance Harbour berthing at 9:00am. We embarked 31 guests from two local disability services groups and sailed again at 10:45 am. On clearing the Harbour we set some small sail to demonstrate to our guests. Despite the squally conditions our guests were loving it. We then got a bullet of wind that convinced us of the need to hand in the sails and head back to port. We arrive back in Harbour and enjoyed a fantastic lunch thanks to our Chef Jenko. After that we got down to some (not so) serious games and sing-a-longs with the guests. My personal favourite is the ‘peel bananas’ song. After our guests departed the Youth Crew proceeded ashore (sugar hit) to do their end of Voyage talks in the comfort of a cafe. On returning to the Ship the we made things ship shape so to speak. This involved harbour furling the square sails (they now look very nicely tucked away on their yards) and a general clean of the ship. It was a long but very rewarding day, particularly being able to work with the community and feel as though we are giving something back. We then enjoyed pizzas and a slide show with great music, a few poems and stories – a great night. Tomorrow is our last day and I will write a few concluding remarks in a moment. For now, Jacqueline of the Youth Crew penned us some thoughts on our Voyage:

“Ten days ago a fresh crew set out from Fremantle, eager, nervous and excited to embark on a voyage so unlike anything they had experienced before. As the ship sailed away from the harbour, it dawned on them that their comfort zones were abandoned ashore and it was time to be thrown in the deep end and face the challenges ahead. One of the first obstacles they faced was sea sickness and to give up when those first few days were relentless. They pushed through every activity, whether it was the guts watch, climbing the foremast, setting, tacking, furling, cooking, cleaning and navigation. This was a test to their resilience as they grew mentally and physically stronger, more determined to achieve their goals for themselves and their teams. As the days went by, the crews’ confidence grew to new heights, watch teams moulded cohesively as a unit and successfully sailed the tall ship to Esperance. As the voyage comes to a close, our hearts are full with adventure and possibility for future endeavours. Now is our chance to take on the world as leaders that will keep on inspiring others to be brave, believe in your capabilities and remember that you always have something to offer no matter how small” – thanks Jacqueline.

This Voyage has been a fantastic one that has only been made possible by great people – a brilliant Staff Crew who have been so strong and supportive and a Youth Crew that is one the finest body of young Australians I have had the pleasure to meet. Their approach, bearing, conduct and performance has been exemplary. I have been proud to be their Captain and I would thoroughly enjoy any opportunity to sail with them again, both figuratively and literally. Thanks ship mates for a great Voyage and for you land lubbers for your wonderful support and allowing us to share our Voyage with you.

All the best and kind regards,

Dave J (Yak)
Voyage Captain


33 Deg 52.3 Min East / 121 Deg 54.0 Min East


Wx is partly cloudy with a light wind from the south west.