Captain's Log
19 June 2012

Day 10 – Fitzroy Island

Ahoy there everyone,A well deserved nights rest at anchor was had by all. I guarantee everyone onboard slept very soundly and for good reason, most were exhausted from Command Day. After wakey wakey at 0630, the ship immediately weighed anchor and departed Trinity Inlet for sea. Once clear of the channel wind conditions as forecast peaked at 25 knots achieving some good sailing during the morning brief as we rounded Cape Grafton and closed Fitzroy Island. Mid morning the ship anchored in the lee of Fitzroy Island where the crew were transferred ashore for end of voyage talks. This was followed by the opportunity to trek to the summit of Fitzroy Island or snorkel on the spectacular fringing reef. Once back onboard the final round of ‘rope races’ was conducted before the Youth Crew climbed aloft and placed neat harbour furls in all three square sails. After a fantastic pizza the evening the evening culminated with the Youth Crew presenting a slide show and song, capturing various memorable moments and experiences during the voyage. This gave everyone the opportunity to reflect on the past 10 days and their amazing once in a life time journey along the Great Barrier Reef. The remainder of the evening was spent completing end of voyage questionnaires and letters to themselves, which are returned to each Youth Crew member six months after voyage completion. The ship will depart Fitzroy Island early tomorrow morning for a final passage around Cape Grafton and into Trinity Inlet berthing at 1000 with the Youth Crew manning the yards, and a final farewell to our young adventurers. Until then it has been an honour and privilege to sail with the Youth and Staff Crew of Voyage 10/12 for my final voyage as the Captain of Young Endeavour. I wish them all the best for their future endeavours. For the very final time. Yours Aye Captain Damien


16° 55' South / 145° 59' East


2300 at anchor - weather clear skies, wind SE 15 knots, swell SE 0.5 metre, temperature 21 degrees, barometer 1021 hpa