Captain's Log
V01/19 Sydney to Melbourne
13 January 2019

Day 10 – Final Night of Voyage

Hi Everyone, Volunteering to write our final Captains Log for this voyage is our Sail Master Harry, please enjoy!

Until my next voyage, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Tonight, I, Harry, the Sail Master will recount the Youth Crew’s final exploits for the last full day of Voyage 01/19 aboard STS Young Endeavour. It was an early start – the Staff Crew were up and about at 0530 – and the ship had weighed anchor no sooner than four bells on the morning watch (0600) in true Bristol fashion! We then set a straight course for Williamstown. Once a few miles clear of Portarlington, we woke the rest of the Youth Crew to the music of ‘Nutbush City Limits’. Chef Zach had prepared a healthy continental breakfast to sustain us for the busy day ahead, and also because he was busy prepping for the half day sail community lunch. Once everyone was fed and clothed in their freshly cleaned crew polos, we convened for morning brief. We had the usual characters do their routine; however, the highlight was listening to Salty (Ivanka) explain the origins of “two, six, heave”….
Using Ashly as our demonstration cannon, we hoisted her out to engage the imaginary enemy fleet. Two and six respectively were the burly Bosun Mates who ‘heaved’ on the cannon rigging to bring the muzzle of the bore clear of the porthole once loaded. I think this proved to be an illuminating and educational morning brief for all the Youth Crew… I think!
We then got stuck into a snappy happy hour (also known as cleaning stations) to ensure we were looking our best for our half day sail guests. Captain Gav made a thoroughly good approach to the Seaworks Pier, and not soon after, we were alongside and conducting final preps before we embarked our guests. At about 1000 we had embarked the ‘North Vietnamese Community Group with special needs’, former youth crew and some extended Young Endeavour family when we cast off all lines and proceeded under the West Gate Bridge and up the Yarra River. I provided a bit of a running commentary, including the length of the river (150 miles) and its source (Yarra Ranges) before we got onto the business of setting sails and bracing the yards. We travelled up the Yarra for a few miles before we called the ship to ‘tacking stations’ and then using hard wheel, wore ship in front of the Bolte Bridge. I can only image this would have looked very impressive if you were lucky enough to be standing on the Bolte at the precise moment.
We then reversed our course and proceeded back down the river; all while enjoying the splendid food (chicken sliders, lamb ribs and gourmet beef pies) and getting the opportunity to talk and make friends with our guests. We entered Hobson’s Bay shortly before 1230 and then commenced our approach back alongside. When we had berthed back at the Sea Works Pier we gathered all our guests and gave them a farewell address – but not before we took the opportunity to take some photos for the Young Endeavour scrap book. The Youth Crew were excellent ambassadors for the sail and made our guest feel very welcomed. I am sure they will not be forgetting that experience anytime soon – one person even said to me ‘see you next year!’
The Youth Crew then had some business ashore to attend to, and under the care of their Watch Leaders, proceed on a leisurely walk to conduct end of voyage chats. In a stroke of luck, everyone was back aboard in time for the final round of Rope Races. By the grace of fortune White Watch reigned supreme in this competitive, non-competitive game and secured their place aloft on the T’gallant yard for the final entry alongside tomorrow. All the Youth Crew then climbed up the foremast and harbour furled all three square sails – this was done with great efficiency – and not long after we had cast off all lines and proceed back to Hobson’s Bay to anchor one final time.
Pizza was not far behind, and I can say with my hand on my heart, it was a cracking pizza night. Zach and his youthie helpers really excelled in providing piping hot and crispy pizza bases covered in buffalo mozzarella and an assortment of delicious toppings. The day was then drawing to a close; the final activity which involved everyone was the end of voyage picture show with six minutes of photographs compiled by Abby showing the voyage highlights. There were laughs, there were giggles and I am positive there must have been a few tears. After the show, the Youth Crew then sang a song about the voyage and the staff crew to the tune of the 1990s smash hit ‘Barbie Girl’ – unbeknown to us, they had done some serious practice – the new lyrics are now my preferred version of this song! We closed the evening with a rendition of ‘Green and Gold Malaria’ from Horto the Engineer, something we like to do for every voyage, and then said good night. I did however allow the brave and bold to spend the final evening sleeping on deck, and I promised to wash everyone’s crew polos for tomorrow.
This has been a wonderful voyage; we sailed NSW’s south coast, we braved Brass Strait, we scaled Deal Island, we swam in Refuge Cove, we enjoyed a coffee at Cowes, we walked through the Mussel Festival at Portarlington. We sailed more than 700 nautical miles, and I am sure we have all made friends for life. Youth Crew of Voyage 01/19 – well done! Aye, H


37 51.1 S / 144 55.1 E


Currently at anchor in Hobson's Bay and experiencing strong 15-20kt SE winds with a .5m swell and the temperature is 22 degrees.