Captain's Log
V05/20 Geelong to Melbourne
18 March 2020

Day 10 – Final Night of Voyage

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to day 10 and the final night of our voyage. This morning the Youth Crew awoke to a fine day with a light north easterly breeze so after our early morning activity some of the watches took the opportunity to go for an early morning climb to witness a beautiful sunrise from the lower top of the fore mast. Breakfast and Morning Brief followed then we gave everyone a quick swim which attracted an inquisitive pod of dolphins who came close to the ship to have a look at those of us in the water which was quite special. Once out of the water we weighed anchor then transited the 20nm to Williamstown where we proceeded to anchor in Hobson’s Bay at 1315. Originally I had planned to go alongside but due to strong 18-20kt winds I decided to delay our berthing until early evening when the wind was forecast to moderate. This afternoon the Youth Crew spent time with their respective Watch Leaders where they completed end of voyage chats which was followed by end of voyage questionnaires and ‘letters to themselves, which are returned to each Youth Crew member six months after voyage completion. Whilst the Youth Crew were completing these final administration tasks the Staff Crew conducted their own end of voyage debrief. With these tasks out of the way we enjoyed a fantastic pizza dinner cooked to perfection by Chef Adam and served up on deck with the Melbourne skyline as a perfect backdrop. Once we had cleaned up from dinner we weighed anchor and proceeded alongside Williamstown’s Workshop Pier where we safely berthed at 1835. Once alongside the Youth Crew were given a quick brief by the Sail Master then headed aloft to put harbour furls on all three square sails. Once this was finished and everyone was back on deck we all gathered at midships for the end of voyage slide show which gave us a chance to reflect on everything we had done throughout the voyage.
The time is now 2110 and everyone have now settled into their watches overnight.
Tomorrow morning we will complete this voyage at 1000 when we welcome family and guests on board for a tour of the ship, my farewell address and presentation of Certificates of Achievement. Once this is completed we will say our final sad goodbye’s to the Youthies of Voyage 05/20.
On a personal note, I would like to thank all of the Youth Crew of Voyage 05/20 for the effort that you have put in throughout this voyage, you are a wonderful group of young Australians and all of the Staff Crew of Young Endeavour have enjoyed sharing this sailing adventure with you and wish you all the very best for the future.
Until next voyage, take care
Yours Aye
Captain Gav


37 51.6 S / 144 54.5 E


Currently alongside at Work Shop Pier and enjoying light SW winds with nil swell and the temperature is 20 degrees.