Captain's Log
V12/19 Brisbane to Sydney
31 July 2019

Day 10…Community Day Sail and a Final Farewell.

Ahoy shipmates…Day 10…a cool and breezy day on the magnificent Sydney Harbour. After a 0730 departure from our anchorage Hunters Bay, we made our way to Garden Island Navy Base to embark our guests for the Community Day Sail, our chance to host guests unable to partake in the full 11 day voyage program…always a highlight (see below for details). We are currently at anchor in Double Bay with spectacular views of the city, Opera House and Harbour Bridge…an awesome sight. Before I hand over to the girls…on behalf of myself the staff of crew of YE may I say it has been a genuine pleasure having this group of remarkable young Australians onboard. We have had as much fun as they have! They are all now part of the Young Endeavour family…and we look forward to having them back onboard. Tomorrow will be a little different than usual…we will be heading out of the harbour to rendezvous the Chilean Tall Ship Esmeralda and HMAS Melbourne for a formation entry into Sydney Harbour around 0830. As we make our way down the harbour a number of local tall ships will join us before we berth at 1000…should make for quite the spectacle! That’s it from me…for the final time this voyage, fair winds, Captain Kenny…out!———-

Day 10 Hey everyone, Ange and Zoe here doing the final Captains log for V12/19, day 10! The second last day of sailing started with a song over the pipes that woke us all up nice and early to prepare for half-day sail and a jam packed day of activities as we cruised around Sydney Harbour. On the half day sail, we were joined by Down Syndrome NSW, Girl Guides and guests to show off our fantastic ship. Many guests pitched in to set and furl the Forestaysail, Mainstaysail and Top Sail. One guest, Tim, from Down Syndrome NSW steered the ship through Sydney Harbour, and even did a better job than some of the youthies. Sailing under the Sydney Harbour Bridge we fired our two cannons that were incredibly loud and the sound echoed throughout the city, scaring most of the people on their mid-day runs. Some youthies climbed aloft to demonstrate our climbing skills and safety. Unfortunately Rachael lost her hat, although most of us found it quite funny as it was swept away in the water. Once back at alongside, we said goodbye to our guests and climbed aloft to harbour furl the square sails. This is necessary because we need the ship to be nice and tiddly as we sail in tomorrow, and to protect them when the ship isn’t at sea. To decide which watch furled which sail and who would ultimately be on each yard as we sail into harbour, Horto put us through our rope races finale. Red watch was able to come back with a string of victories to win the topgallant yard placement for tomorrows entry. We then went onshore for the final time before tomorrows last stop to discuss the entire voyage with our watch leaders. This was a great way to consolidate what we can take away from the voyage alongside the wonderful memories! For a bit of fun during pizza night, some youthies (Ange and Timmsy) decided to play a prank on Jimmy by placing some of his pants all the way up the main mast. Dion was informed and the prank went ahead with Dion hauling the pants up the flag halyard! To end our day, a slide show of photos and videos was presented to ignite memories of the voyage that we might have forgotten… whoops. All in all, youthies have had a spectacular day sailing around Sydney Harbour and enjoying our final days. When we came onboard this ship, we were ready for a voyage from Brisbane to Sydney, but now after eleven days testing ourselves, forming life-long friendships and learning new skills…we are ready to say ‘Bon voyage’ and set sail on the rest of our lives. As Captain Cupcake would do, we will leave you with a quote that sums up our Young Endeavour adventure:
“its not about the destination, its about the journey” (or something like that)

Zoe – Hey Dad, Kim, Mum and Damo, love you all and keen to come back home to talk about the trip. See you soon!
ps, please let me sleep in the car ride home, I’m tired. (still don’t love you Tom)


33 51s / 151 14e


Wind: SSW at 8 knots Weather: Overcast, scattered showers Sea: Calm Location: At anchor Double Bay