Captain's Log
17 February 2016

Day 10 – Command Day Part Two

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to day ten of our voyage. The Youth Crew have done an amazing job throughout their 24hrs in Command and should be proud of their achievements. Most importantantly they managed to safely sail to ship from Port Davey to the D’entrecasteaux Channel in extremely rough conditions which was a huge effort. As explained in last nights log one of the many taks that they had to complete was to write both last nights and tonight’s Captains Log so please enjoy reading about their exploits throughout Command Day.
Until tomorrow, take care
Yours Aye
Captain Gav

Captains log – 17 Feb 16

Welcome all fellow sea goers, today presented the final hours of command day, full of trails and challenges to successfully sail the Young Endeavour into the mouth of the D’entrecasteaux channel from Port Davey and bringing us to the final leg of our journey as a team. The crew persevered through 8 meter swells and roaring winds in order to complete their task.

Battling the waves, overnight watches were called to set and furl sails under the instruction of their youth command team while still adhering to regular watch tasks. Unfortunately due to the conditions half of the crew were once again plagued with the terrors of sea sickness, (a shout out to Kirstie who overcame her previously debilitating ailments.)

The chefs gave Marcos a run for his money with their amazing meals, scrumptious pub lunch and a mars bar cheesecake that was to die for! Watch officers; Phoebe, Rob and Megs took over the ship during the morning brief and made the crew battle with their pride at stake to regain possession of their captain and the remaining staff crew. A fiery arm wrestle between Max and the legendary engineer Horto showed that strength in wisdom and maturity trumps muscles and good looks.

The youth crew worked together cooperatively and enthusiastically with little sleep behind them. After reflecting on our accomplishments the youthies decided that respect, cooperation, attitude and communication are the key to a successful team mission, and some of can improve on and bring forward into our lives are organisation, communication and most importantly, a smile. Shout out to Ben, Peta and the rest of the youth crew for an awesome job on Command day and showing the staffies what we’re worth! Ahoy for now, it’s time to party on and rock the boat with some friends well made.


42 54 S / 147 21


Currently at anchor in Sandy Bay and experiencing moderate 12-15kt SW winds with nil swell. The current temperature is 14 degrees.