Captain's Log
13 May 2011


A final Ahoy to Everyone,The final day of sailing for the Young Endeavour ended in the early hours of Friday morning as we successfully passed through the final waypoint and motored into Sydney harbour. The ship is anchored below the Taronga zoo and looking out across the harbour to the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and CBD.The Crew were woken up at 0700 to complete the last of the tasks given to us by the Staff. After such a disturbed sleep this proved quite the challenge. Tasks were delegated between watch officers and managed to complete them all and hand over the ship by 1300.The tasks we had to complete today were: Create a humorous/catchy song or poem that was put together by our master musicians on board and I am sure will be stuck in both the crew and staff’s minds for quite some time. Draw a mural on the deck that depicts our journey. Form a Beach Assault Team that had to paddle ashore and claim a small piece of Australia for our youth and sing the National Anthem with as many locals as possible. Piece together a power point presentation that was entertaining and showed everyone at least once including everyone aloft. Make a hammock strong enough to hold all 25 crew members without touching the ground. Finally a few crew members were selected to polish all the brass including the cannons to be judged after the hand over of the ship.At 1300 everyone mustered to midships and the handover ceremony began first by handing back the “Hat of Knowledge” and original telescope. This was followed by all the staff judges approving the youth crew’s completion of all required tasks successfully. I would like to give massive congratulations to the youth crew for performing so well for Command Day and hope everyone had a great time doing so.Youth Captain ScottA couple of the youth crew would like to leave a message,This whole voyage has been an amazing journey, one that I would never have dreamed of taking. It has opened my eyes and made me see things in a whole new light. Being aboard the Young Endeavour for 11 days has made me realise just how much there is out there in the world to do and experience and this trip has definitely been the most unique any of us have had yet. One of the things that I noticed while being onboard the Young Endeavour is how beautiful the stars are at night. When you’re laying on the deck and the ship is softly swaying, it makes the illusion that each star has been hand crafted and hung up there in the sky swaying in the wind especially just for the people on earth to look upon. Each one, individual, just like every one of us that embarked on this voyage. If I can pass on any wise parting words of wisdom it would be to make every day different from the day before making it special in its own way. Thank you, to all of you, staff and crew. I hope your adventures lead you to places near and far remembering all that we have learnt, not forgetting to take that well earned break once in a while. As a wise man once said�.. There’s always time for tea.AJ BoothLooking out over Sydney Harbour at night is beautiful, but looking out over Sydney Harbour knowing we sailed here ourselves is amazing. This afternoon we were given some time to reflect on our journey across the seas. ‘Wow’ was a word which came to mind first. With this word came thoughts, emotions and memories from the journey I embarked on and will soon complete. Our watches spoke about the challenges we have faced, the goals we have achieved and the tasks we have successfully completed throughout our voyage. As we took the time to reflect and share, we all realised how amazing our time together has been. For me, it has been a time of growth, of overcoming challenges- both personally and on the ship, a time of realising my potential and discovering a love for adventure. Thank you to all onboard Young Endeavour- may we all have many more exciting and challenging adventures to come.Sophie TaylorAnd the final word.After the ship was officially handed back at 1300 and the post command day debrief was conducted the Youth Crew cooked and consumed a magnificent teak deck BBQ for dinner where we celebrated Bill Jo Hurle and Jessica Martin birthday\’s with two fantastic chocolate and caramel cakes. The evening culminated with the Youth Crew presenting a slide show and song, capturing various selected moments and experiences during the voyage. This gave everyone the opportunity to reflect on the past 10 days and their amazing once in a life time journey. The remainder of the evening was spent completing end of voyage questionnaires and letters to themselves, which are returned to each Youth Crew member six months after voyage completion.The ship will weigh anchor depart Athol Bay tomorrow morning for a final passage around Port Jackson where we will climb aloft and man the yards with our accomplished young adventurers for a 1000 final berthing alongside Fleet Base East Woolloomooloo for an emotional farewell to the Youth Crew.Until then it has been an honour and privilege to sail with the Youth and Staff Crew of Voyage 10/11. I wish them all the best for their future endeavours.Carpe DiemYours AyeCaptain Damien 


33°50's / 151°14'e


2300 at anchor - Weather scattered cloud, Wind W 11 knots, Swell nil, Temperature 15 degrees, Barometer 1011 hpa