Captain's Log
V12/16 Cairns (QLD) to Cairns (QLD)
8 March 2016

Day 10 – Cairns day sail and penultimate day

I’m writing this penultimate log of this fantastic voyage with a little moisture in my eyes, dear readers… probably just dust. But please excuse me if I get a little misty eyed and emotional, I’ve grown close to these youthies these last 10 days, we’ve shared some special moments and … strewth, I think I have sea-goggles! Get on with the log!! Aye aye, Captain.So we weighed anchor this morning at 0640 from Fitzroy Is and entered Trinity Inlet, Cairns a couple hours later then berthed Trinity Wharf at 0900. We embarked guests from Woree State High School Special Needs Unit for a day sail and departed just after 1000, as we needed a few minutes to convince Cameron that he was going to have fun and that he should really come with us. It was fun and he left 3 hours later, a very happy camper. The youthies did themselves proud and were great hosts and really showed these youngsters a fantastic time. This ship is, after all, their ship too.After we farewelled our guests it was time to reprovision and refuel the ship. Youthies departed with their watch leaders for a final talk to debrief the voyage a little and provide us with some feedback. They returned at 1530 and we departed our berth and transited upstream to our final anchorage in the vicinity of Admiralty Island. Once there, everyone proceeded to lay-aloft and harbour furl the squares. We need to look fabulous for our grand entry tomorrow. Once that was complete, Jenko brought up some grouse pizzas and we had a smashing dinner up on deck. Bellissimo Jenko.To round out the evening we had a little administration to get out of the way, staff always conduct a post voyage debrief and a safety team meeting, because we are professionals. Then finally it was time for a final recapping of the voyage in the form of a photographic slide show and a lovely poem (see below). It was a fantastic way to reminisce and note to self: order more tissues for the next voyage.Well, that’s that. It’s pretty much all over bar the shouting, as they say. Never knew what that meant but regardless this is the final night onboard for V12/16. 10 Days ago 24 youth crew from places various came together to sail this vessel, have fun and challenge themselves. They have not only done that, but have faced and overcome fears and learnt a lot about themselves, they have most certainly sailed this fine vessel effectively, have successfully completed their Command period and most graciously and professionally, hosted a very happy bunch of special needs students, during the Cairns community day sail today. Tomorrow they will definitely leave with new skills, improved resilience and adaptability, as well as generally knowing they are more capable than what they probably thought. And of course, having made great new friends – most probably, friends for life.It never gets old for us staff members, as we truly love our work. Sadly, tomorrow we will also say goodbye to one of our recent stalwarts in Kenny ‘Knuckle’ Callendar, as this was his last voyage with us. He will be missed. Where are the tissues!!! Yours Aye,Captain AdamQuotes of the day:Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.  Youth crew Command day talk poem:Red , white and blue watches strong and bold,Watch out staffies you’re about to be told.Why this adventure was both brilliant and uniqueBecause you’re all so bloody sick!It was a sunny Monday in CairnsAbout to depart from the land.Spent a night in the harbour,climbed the mast higher and higher.The radar goes around the mast,climb out of its way real fast.The fear of heights ran through our minds,what a long fall if the rope breaks this time.Then the waves got higher and higher,and if you didn’t vomit you’re probably a liar.Then we set off into the horizon,sailed towards Orpheus Island.Went for a snorkel saw some fish,Jenko served us another great dish.Island to island then we hopped,Keely’s brownies made our eyes pop.Setting and furling all day long,while the whales joined us with their song.Watches meant sleepless nights,tacking stations starting fights.Cleaning through happy hour with our hands,made us wish we were back in Cairns.Instead next up the day of Command,leaving us anchored at Fitzroy Island.The chefo’s food was really great,how about a swim to celebrate?Blue watch fell short at the Opera,But on Command Day they were there for ya.Instead White Watch brought their game,Seb lived up to Kenny’s name.But our Staffies were the entertainment highlight,Youthies couldn’t beat  their talent in hindsight.Requesting permission to come alongside,.don’t worry we have nothing to hide.Furling in the sails tonight,making sure the yards are a pretty sight.Our final night of the voyage is here,so lets look back on our time and cheer.The Young Endeavour is the greatest test,a memory we’ll keep as the very best.


16 56 S / 145 47 E