Captain's Log
V04/19 Hobart to Sydney
14 February 2019

Day 1 – The Derwent River and Storm Bay

Ahoy shipmates and welcome to Voyage 4/19. Young Endeavour has been in Hobart supporting the Wooden Boats Festival and we have had a fantastic time, as we alway do in Tasmania (bit cool though!). Over last weekend we had nearly 2000 people visit the ship during open days…a busy time indeed. But now it is time for the next challenge, and at 1500 this afternoon 24 young Australians joined us for the trip to Sydney, with a small number of friends and family in tow. After stowing their gear we conducted the official welcome and introduction of the staff crew for the voyage…they are as follows:
Captain – Kenny, Sail Master – Dion, Navigator – Jerome, Boats Officer – Darren, White Watch Leader – Morgan, Red Watch Leader – Ivanka, Blue Watch Leader – Tracey, Engineer – Mark, Chef – Zac. At 1600 we departed our berth at Macquarie 1 and commenced a leisurely passage down the Derwent River. Our destination for tomorrow is Port Arthur where the Youth Crew will be going ashore for tours…a very interesting and historic place. We are currently at anchor just south of Hobart, off Kingston Beach. The intent is to stay here in the relative calm while we tick off the necessary briefs before hitting the open ocean, hearing from the Engineer, Sail Master and myself. We are also taking this opportunity to take our newly embarked adventurers through the harness brief, instructing them on how to correctly wear their safety harnesses. We will weigh anchor around 2100 for the short transit across Storm Bay to Port Arthur, aiming to be at anchor off the ‘Isle of the Dead’ around 0600 tomorrow morning. The relaxed start to the trip brings good news…no-one is sea sick yet (emphasis on yet). We have around 640 nautical miles to Sydney, but despite the distance we have still planned some adventures ashore…fun times ahead. I’ll leave it there for now…until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny.


42 58s / 147 19e


Wind: W at 5kts Weather: Overcast and cool Swell: Nil Location: At anchor off Kingston Beach Hobart