Captain's Log
2 July 2007

Day 1 – Start of a great adventure

Ahoy there;A full complement of Youth Crew joined this afternoon and the ship got underway at 16:00. After anchoring off of Magnetic Island, the Youth Crew toured the ship prior to enjoying a magnificant dinned prepared by Chef Chad (Smoked Salmon and Pistascio pasta!!!). Once the galley and cafe were squared away, Captain John and Executive Officer Peter briefed the Youth Crew on what to expect during the voyage and some of the do’s and dont’s followed in YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. The Youth Crew are experiencing their first climb aloft (to the T’Gallant yard) as well as being instructed in some of the basic knots, bends and hitches they will need to know. Once the Youth Crew complete their first climb, Chef Chad will provide all hands with a steaming mug of Kye (Navy hot chocalate). This will be a good way to end an exciting day and prepare for a full day of sailing drills and instruction tomorrow.


19° 12' South / 146° 53' East


Wind: Sou' East at 5 knotsClear skyThe Moon is just past full but still incredibly bright and, seemingly, just out of reach.