Captain's Log
V05/21 Newcastle to Brisbane
6 June 2021

Day 1 – Newcastle to Nelson Bay…and Whales!

Ahoy shipmates, and welcome to Voyage 05/21…it is shaping up to be a cracker! After a couple days in Newcastle for the ship and staff crew, we are off again on another adventure…with 16 enthusiastic young aussies along for the ride. Have to say, after a wet arrival, Newcastle really turned on the weather as the youth crew joined us this afternoon in stunning conditions (no wind though…which is ok for now). Once their gear was stowed below we all gathered at midships for the official welcome and introduction of staff crew. They are: Captain – Kenny, Sailmaster – Jemma, Navigator – Emma, watch Officer – Keith, White Watch Leader – Dan, Red Watch Leader – Ben, Blue Watch Leader – TJ, Engineer – Reggie, Chef – Keely. with the formalities complete we then departed our berth and made our way to sea, escorted by the ‘William the Fourth’, a restored paddle steamer from Newcastle. We are headed for Nelson Bay for our first stop. Despite calm seas there are a few green faces amongst the youth crew…that pesky ‘green goblin’! Enroute the youth crew have been given ship’s tours, enjoyed a delicious meal from chef Keely, and have been given the Engineer and Sailmaster briefs….just some do’s and don’ts for the voyage. As I write we are about half way to Nelson Bay, with an ETA of around 2230. The youth crew will shortly be able to get their heads down for the night, in preparation for a big couple of days ahead. And the good news for them is that once safely at anchor…their bed will stop moving :). That’s about it for now…it’s magnificent night at sea…and we have already spotted our first whale…nice! Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny


32 50s / 152 15e


Wind: SW at 7 knots Weather: Fine and Clear Sea: Mild Course: 080 Speed: 7 Knots Location: SE of Port Stephens