Captain's Log
V02/20 Hobart to Melbourne
18 January 2020

Day 1 – Hobart to Howrah Beach…Off We Go Again!

Ahoy shipmates and welcome to Voyage 02/20. This voyage we farewell Tasmania…it’s been fun Tassie…see ya next year. In sunny and warmish conditions the youth crew of Voyage 02/20 embarked YE with the ship berthed at Princes Wharf, Hobart (Salamanca). While the 24 young adventurers stowed their gear below, friends and family took the opportunity to tour the ship…their loved ones home for the next 11 days. By 1520 we had all but one of the youth crew onboard…his flight was delayed so would join by boat transfer in a couple of hours. With all bags secured we gathered at midships where I briefed everyone on the ship, her history and the plans for the voyage. I then introduced the staff crew…a motley bunch if ever I saw one. They are: Captain – Kenny, Sailmaster – Jerome, Navigator – Jemma, Boats Officer – Tracey, White Watch Leader – Blake (Assisted by Isaac), Red Watch Leader – Morgs (Assisted by Snowy), Blue Watch Leader – Sumo, Chef – Adam and Engineer – Ben. It was then time for our guests to depart and once all were clear, we departed in blustery conditions, making our way to our overnight anchorage in Howrah Bay. On the way over the youth crew conducted ship’s tours and ice-breakers before enjoying a delicious meal courtesy of Adam. After dinner we ticked off the Sailmaster’s Brief (do’s and don’ts), the Engineers Brief (fixer of broken things) and the Captain’s Brief (have fun – no regrets). Sailmaster Jerome then gave the safety aloft and harness briefs, before Blue Watch then White Watch lay aloft to the Top Gallant yard at the top of the foremast, and back. Pleasingly everyone made it all the way…an awesome effort. Red Watch will complete their first climbs tomorrow as some of our youth crew have travelled a long way and we don’t want to wear them all out too early. It’s now just after 2200 and after a quick hot chocolate to warm up it will be off to bed in preparation for a very busy day 2. That’s it for now…until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny.


42 53s / 147 23e


Wind: E at 17 knots Weather: Fine, cold, partly cloudy Sea: Calm Location: At anchor off Howrah Beach