Captain's Log
V13/19 Sydney to Newcastle
11 April 2019

Day 1…Back to Sea…Yeeha!

Ahoy shipmates…we’re back…did ya miss us? After a very busy 3 month maintenance and assessment period, Young Endeavour is finally back at sea…where she belongs! The staff crew have worked very hard and the ship is in excellent condition, ready for the adventures ahead. Speaking of adventures, 26 intrepid young Australians joined the ship at 1400 this afternoon at Fleet Base East, excited by what lies ahead. All were onboard in quick time and after brief tours of the ship, introduction of the staff crew, and an outline of the voyage, we departed the berth farewelled by family and friends. After a quick hop over to our overnight anchorage in Double Bay (awesome views of the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and city) each watch conducted ice breakers and ship’s tours. Chef Zac served up a delicious dinner (there goes the diet) before the sailmaster, engineer and chef gave their respective briefs outlining some of the do’s and dont’s onboard (lots of do’s, not many don’ts). I then wrapped up the talk-fest with the Captain’s brief, encouraging the youth crew to challenge themselves, take every opportunity that comes their way, and ensure they leave Young Endeavour in Newcastle with no regrets. We also spoke about FUNN…functional understanding not necessary, and unconditional positive regard…key tenets of the youth development program. The watches then commenced learning the ropes…literally, as well as completing their Full Value Contracs, where they discuss their fears and aspirations for the voyage. The aim is to have them in their racks by about 2100 as some have had very long days, and they will need all their energy for the tasks ahead (and the staff crew definitely need their beauty sleep). That’s about it for now, but before I go, here is the staff crew for voyage 13/19…Captain-Kenny (Cap K), Sailmaster-Jerome, Navigator-Tracey, Watch Officer-Harry, White Watch Leader-Morgan, Assistant White Watch Leader-Darren (L Plates), Red Watch Leader-Karly, Blue Watch Leader-Horto, Enineer-Reggie, Chef-Zac. A big day tomorrow with first climbs and sail handling, before hitting the open ocean mid to late afternoon. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny.


33 52s / 151 14e


Wind: Easterly at 7 knots, Weather: Scattered cloud Sea: Calm Location: At anchor Double Bay, Sydney Harbour.