Captain's Log
25 April 2012

Dawn of Command Day

Good evening Shipmates, Wakey wakey was a little early today at 0530 to enable those who wanted to, to attend our ANZAC Day Dawn Service. It was heart warming to see the entire YC there. Some of the YC volunteered to do readings and although we didn’t have a bugler or a copy of the Last Post, the Pogues version of ‘The Band Played Waltzing Matilda’ seemed fitting when we laid a wreath into the sea. After breakfast the YC were ferried ashore for some sport prior to returning onboard for ‘happy hour’. After lunch the pool was opened and most of the YC enjoyed the rope swing hung from the course yard and graceful dives from the bowsprit. At 1400 the ship was handed over to Captain Will and Sailing Mistress Emma and the YC of Voyage 6/12 and that’s what I will do right now………….Take it away Will and Em.The Staffies feet are up and the YC have commandeered the magnificent vessel in Queensland’s beautiful sunshine. We were handed a Task List for the 26 YC to complete from Captain Gunna whilst sailing our way to Mackay. The 22 tasks are to be completed before 1330 tomorrow and range from sending in a Beach Assault Team (BAT) to collect our navigation instructions to ensuring everyone “slip, slop, slap and slides”. The afternoon consisted of the completion of a few of the tasks such as creating a hammock to hold ALL 26 of us in midship and prepare the sails for a delicate manoeuvre sailing off the anchor. After a scrum-diddily-umptious meal, prepared by our experts in the galley, the anchor was weighed in and we made the most of the strongest winds we have had thus far as the Young Endeavour gracefully sailed into the moonlight sky in a northerly direction between Sphinx Islet and Pine Peak Island. A Captain and Sailing Mistress could not ask for a more committed and professional crew on Command Day. Even though delayed, we are making good headway as we move at break neck speeds towards Mackay.


21° 25' South / 150° 11' East


Co 340, Sp 6, Wind 150/15kts, Temp 26C