Captain's Log
26 February 2009

Crowdy Head

Ahoy Shipmates, During the early hours of this morning the wind again strengthened and veered to the south. This change kept both the middle and morning watches busy with adjusting the sail plan to take advantage of these favourable conditions. By morning brief we were 15nm to the SE of Crowdy Head sailing very comfortably down wind under all 3 squares. Given the ongoing forecast of southerly winds I decided that Crowdy Head would be a perfect overnight anchorage for YE in these conditions. Following morning brief and the normal morning activities we conducted a good set of rotational tacks before altering course to the west and shaping a new course for our planned anchorage. At 1315 all sail was handed in and Young Endeavour came to anchor just of the Boat Harbour at the very scenic coastal township of Crowdy Head. Once safely at anchor the boat was lowered and we immediately started ferrying the YC ashore, who by this stage were very keen to set foot on ���terra firma’. While ashore the YC enjoyed a swim of the pier, walk to the lighthouse and finally some organized sport at the local park. This evening with everyone safely back onboard we enjoyed the first of our ���teak deck BBQ�� for this voyage, followed by an interesting and entertaining session of three way talks (communication and public speaking exercise). As this is our first night at anchor since departing Sydney all watches have been reduced to anchor watches for the night allowing both YC and staff the opportunity to get a good nights sleep, ensuring that everyone will be well rested for the days ahead.Please find attached some Captains Log entries from the Youth Crew Of Voyage 04-09Until Tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavCAPTAINS LOG ��� THURSDAY 26 FEB 09Had a great afternoon at Crowdy Point��_ Swimming off the Jetty, games in the grass and restock of coke and icecreams��_ FUN!!Heading into a huge BBQ on the deck (1800) still in the bay of Crowdy Heads where we will anchor for the night. Everyone has been tested on the midnight/early morning watches over the last 2 days but it has been great to see the ship sailing where we want it to!I’m having a blast and haven’t been seasick (yay!)��_. Although missing my HenryBoy, RC, MM, Richard, my family and my housemates very much.Talk to you all soon and take care of Charlotte-Mae and HenryBoy!! Love CarmenHey hey everyone in Canberra, how things going???Well life is fun and also at the same time no fun, fun side is that this is the best thing EVER and the bad side is THE SEA SUCKNESS, well I am over that at. Well we are at Crowdy point right now, and went into the little town here today it is cool.Well got to go hope everyone is missing me at InTACT and love you all Anthony.Hey muffins!!!I don’t know how many of you will look at this but if by chance you have logged on I guess all I can say is that this is the raddest thinhg eva!!! After throwing up 10 times in the first two days out at sea I have finally found my sea legs��_ happens to be the same day that we got to touch base with my lovely friend ��� land��. It was a beautiful moment The first day we had lasagne which was of course the most ooberest! The food is ridiculously good thanks to the home boy chad! Isn’t that rad he’s on a boat and his name is chad��_ The chad.I dont wanna take up too much space so in short I love u all very much miss all you girls in Canberra love you jess mum dad, and rob I miss you very much had the funniest dream last night, you had ur hair cut and bleached it was very funny.Take care ill see u all soonLove always and foreverElle bellXoxoxoxWassup grose vale peeps=]Hope that my dearest parents aren’t crying themselves to sleep anymore because they miss me so=] and I just know that my sisters will be missing their big sister. What are they going to do without their mentor to guide them?? =]Well I’ll stop talking shizzit and get to the important stuff=]��_the food is freaking awesome (proud of my priorities parents?) =] there’s something like four courses a day to choose from=] although this isn’t very helpful if you aren’t able to keep it down…lolololThe people on here are amazing=] there’s such a range of characters that everyday I’m having a different conversation with a different person=] the staff are pretty awesome also I have to add=]Well we stopped at Crowdy Point today, which was good just so we could get onto land and have a frolick around=]Better go now, but just want to say love you family=]See you in a week or so=]xx courtneyy=]


31° 50' South / 152° 44' East


Currently at anchor at Crowdy Head and experiencing Moderate10-15kt Southerly winds with a .5m swell.