Captain's Log
8 May 2001

Creative and Acrobatic Dives

Tuesdays are big days on Young Endeavour and we got going with some sailing and safety drills. After lunch we motored out to sea and during the day the Youth Crew progressively set all the sails and two tacks were conducted to prove that we could now sail our ship. As the evening wore on and the yellow moon rose higher in the sky, the wind gave up and went to bed. We are hoping for our energy source to return in the morning.This is Day Two and things are going well. NOBODY has been seasick. Everyone is smiling and getting to know their ship and crewmates.Youth crew entry by Katherine Riches, 16, from Sydney and Tamie Olufson, 20, from Cairns.Although we have only been on the Young Endeavour for about 27 hours everyone is putting in a great effort to achieve all of the challenges that have been set out. Climbing aloft to the 33-metre mast is very daunting at first. However, those fears were overcome by thinking positively and encouraging others. Climbing the mast causes a wild rush of adrenalin to sweep through our bodies followed by an enormous pounding in our hearts.After continuously gazing over the majestic, temptatious, blue water we were finally presented with the opportunity to dive in for a dip before we set sail. Many youth crew attempted to do creative and acrobatic dives off the bowsprit (some were rather amusing). Setting and furling sails and tacking was exhausting and challenging. But, we are sure that we will come home with better sailing ability and knowledge (Not to mention tougher hands). We are meeting lots of fabulous people and are lucky to be guided and befriended by such entertaining crew. Hi to my sister Suzann, Brad and family, Mum and Dad, Janette and all the girls at Records, Ergon Energy (Cairns), having an awesome time. Love Tamie. Hi to Jess and everyone else at school, to Mum, Pete, Dad, Michael and all my family, having lots of fun. Love Katherine.Well, gotta run, the ship needs tacking…Stay tunedAndrew Davis


19° 3' South / 146° 15'


CO's LOG Tuesday 8 May 01Current situation at 2000: At sea in Halifax Bay. Wind light from the east. Temp 26C. Balmy again, cloud free and moon lit.