Captain's Log
3 June 2003


Situation at 21:00- Overnight the watches completed their second climb aloft.All hands went to the T’Gallant and Topsail yards and practised casting loose the gaskets. The watches also completed a ‘ Full Value Contract’ with each other, agreeing to a standard of conductand participation during the voyage. At 06:30 day two of the voyage commenced when all hands were called on deck for early morning activity. After a brisk power walk around the upper deck, XO Luke led us in some activities designed to help remember each other’s names.After showers and breakfast, it was time for the ceremony of colours and morning brief. At 08:00 the Ship’s Bell was sounded andthe Boatswain’s call was blown as the Australian White Ensign was hoisted. Morning brief started with XO Luke outlining the plan of the day. Navigator Spanky produced a terrific map showing our intended route north to Cairns, and also briefed us on the latest weather forecast. Chef Stony and Engineer Rags provided very thoroughbriefings on their respective parts-of-ship before Salty Sea Dog Lisa got into the act. She described the nautical origins of two commonly heard sayings. She has promised to explain any nautical term and has put out a challenge to the Youth Crew to try and stump her. After morning brief it was time for happy hour. All hands turned to at their cleaning stations under the supervision of their watch leaders. Before long the Ship was sparkling from stem to stern. After morning tea the serious business of training got underway. The remaining part of the forenoon and the first half of the afternoon were spent learning about the correct use of all of the safety equipment onboard and how to handle the various lines used in sail handling.Once the safety briefings were completed, Captain John delivered an interactive talk on the theory of sailing. It was then time to weigh anchor and put into practise everything taught so far. We spent two hours practising setting and furling sails and thenreturned to the anchorage just as the sun was setting. This allowed some final fine tuning of the Ship’s new radar set prior to sailing north towards Cairns tomorrow morning. After a great supper (thanksStony) the Youth Crew were divided into groups of three and given the task of learning the life story of the other two members of their group. They then were asked to role play the life story of one of their group in front of the Ship’s Company. This proved to be great fun and was very entertaining.Overnight the watches will learn to do below deck rounds, and consolidate their setting and furling skills. They will also be askedto formally state any personal goals they hope to achieve during the voyage.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Staff Crew consists of Officers and Sailors of the Royal Australian Navy. A total of ninepersonnel are onboard each voyage, out of thirteen who are posted to YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. The Staff Crew come from all across Navy’s different specialities and represent a cross section of the RAN. The Staff Crew for this voyage has 118 years of combined service, the vast majority of that spent at sea.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Gaskets- Short lengths of line used to secure sails to a mast, yard or stay. Dolphin Striker- A vertical rod that extends below the Bowsprit used to apply leverage to the Bobstay.Thought of the Day: Every man has his own courage, and is betrayed because he seeks in himself the courage of other persons.Gilbert Keith Chesterton. Yours, Aye John CowanLCDR, RAN


21° 6' South / 149° 14' East


At anchor off Slade Island. Wind: light airs, Temp:23c, Cloud: 5/8.