Captain's Log
V09/18 Sydney to Sydney
20 April 2018


Ahoy there Shipmates,After a good night of sailing in light north easterly winds, which backed to south westerly by the morning, and long low swells we conducted the usual morning activities, which included a visit to the morning brief by ‘Salty’ who told us about the nautical origin of the expression ‘to turn a blind eye’ as it relates to Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson at the battle of Copenhagen in 1801.After conducting some tacking practice off the entrance to Jervis Bay (JB) for an hour from 1030, we entered the bay and conducted Rotational Tacks, during which the watches rotated through the other two watch positions and conducted a tack or wear to understand what the other watches do.We broke for lunch at the usual time and then conducted round 2 of ‘Rope Races’. At 1400 the staffies took the Ship to anchor off HMAS Creswell while Tug, the Watch Officer, gave the Youth Crew an interactive brief on nautical rules-of-the-road and buoyage.At 1530 we had another swim and rope swing from the Ship at anchor and then the youthies had a bit of free time while the staffies set up for dinner. At 1730 we had a Teak Deck BBQ dinner whilst listening to some of Tug’s tunes and soaking up the relaxing evening atmosphere of JB.Once we had cleaned-up from dinner the youthies divided into their watches and undertook an activity we call ‘Apples and Onions’. It is a unique and revealing self-awareness activity, conducted under the careful control of the Watch Leaders. It is intended to remain at this anchorage overnight.Until tomorrow evening.Yours AyeCaptain Mike 


35 07.4' S / 150 43.1' E


Weather - fine, Wind - southerly at 5 kn, Swell - Nil, Temp - 19 deg. C