Captain's Log
18 February 2001

Cooking Up a Storm

Last night we conducted the ‘Bear’ teamwork exercise, which went really well and brought out some good learning points. We continued sailing down to Sydney and then turned towards Broken Bay as we conducted setting and furling drills and the Youth Crew proved to themselves that they could set and furl the sails safely and successfully during their Command Day.At anchor in the Pittwater everyone went ashore for some fun and for the YC to vote for positions on Command Day. During our absence, Karen had cooked a lovely lamb roast dinner (with two other equally tasty choices) and we ate our dinner on deck in the balmy evening when we returned.Now that the YC have picked the brains of their staff counterparts, they are, this evening, getting prepared for their ‘big’ day and they are quite excited at the prospect of sailing the ship to Sydney.Youth Crew entry by Ben Forrester, 16, from Canberra and Sarah Miller, 18, from Alice Springs. Today we got back to shore and got wild and crazy once again swimming, getting stung and stocking up on all the junk food possible, we also held our elections for command day. Command day is where we, the youth crew take command of Young Endeavour for 24 hours with no help from the staff. Naturally if there is a problem they will step in but so far this hasn’t happened. Our aim is to get from Broken Bay, where we are anchored at present to Rose Bay in the Sydney Harbour area. Sarah and I will be the cooking up an absolute storm in the kitchen (hopefully the only storm we see all day…). Everyone is feeling pretty psyched about taking control of the ship, we promise all friends and family and also all future Young Endeavour crew, we’ll try not to crash the ship but no matter what happens you can be sure we’ll have a ball. Much love to our friends and family. XOXO Sarah and Ben.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


33° 34' South / 151° 19'


CO's Log Sunday 18 Feb 01Current situation at 1800: At anchor in Pittwater, Broken Bay. A beautiful day, temp 24C, wind - a light easterly.