Captain's Log
30 May 2009

Command Day Underway

Hi Everyone, At 1000 this morning the Youth Crew of Voyage 05-09 officially took Command of Young Endeavour. The wind gods must have sensed this change because ever since the YC took over we have had 16-25kts of wind which is something that we have not experienced previously during this voyage. So far they have done exceptionally well and are doing a great job of sailing the ship. One of the many tasks to be completed by the YC over the 24 hour period is to write the Captains Log for both tonight and tomorrow giving me a well earned rest. Please find attached the first of these logs written by Youth Crew Captain Bryn Solomon.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavYOUTH CREW CAPTAINS LOG VOYAGE 05-09As I write this entry the constant need to grab hold of the wall to prevent the chair from tipping (courtesy of 25 knot winds and 3 m swell) signifies the first challenging set of conditions since the youth crew learned to sail the Young Endeavour. It seems the perfect storm conveniently coincided with the dawn of command day. The 20 degree lean results in portholes reminiscent of front-loading washing machines and causes serious resurgences of sea-sickness for some; demoralising after overcoming their first bout only days prior.Surprisingly, most of the crew are in high spirits and some will even subdue their fears of tipping to get out on deck in the pitch black, with water spraying over the capping rails, to ensure that the Endeavour makes a successful tack. The cameo chefs (James, Richard and Brish) are doing a fantastic job, offering gob-smacking variety including many vegetarian surprises. And this is no easy feat when pots and pans fall off the benches every time the swell rolls by!With our sights set for Caloundra and the navigators (Jen and Caitlin) plotting a steady course, things are only going to get better. The distant thoughts of anchoring at Tangalooma to swim once more in the dolphins’ domain seem almost unimaginable, but I take humble solace in our recent experience of the fickle maritime weather. While it seems that achieving all of the 20 tasks assigned to the crew seems almost unachievable, I’m sure all would agree our collective super-human effort setting and furling sails for hours today is something we can all take great satisfaction out of.Bryn SolomonCaptain (Youth Crew Command Day)


26° 58' South / 153° 39' East


Currently located 11nm to the NE of Morton Island and experiencing strong 20-25kt SE winds with a 2-3m swell.