Captain's Log
21 March 2011

Command Day – scary or what!

Hi everyone from Captain Tom,Evening on our eighth night at sea 21march 2011It’s in our hands. The youth take over the young endeavour. A whole 24 hrs in command of the this ship, who would have thought 8 days ago this great team of youth crew who knew nothing or very little about sailing, now had to elect people to fill rolls and for fill duties that before embarking on this voyage would have sounded Martian like. Now here we are the engines have just been cut off just east of Caloundra, 27 youth crew standing at mid ship you can start to feel confusion in the air��_��_this is going to be a long 24 hours. Relying completely on sails our trusty navigators set the course to set sail for our destination.As tension builds, frustration sets in, my trusty sails mistress and I decide to take a well earned dip after basking in the scorching sun hoping to refresh the crew. [Ed by Yak … one of the best command decisions ever made – let\’s go swimming – yeah!] 23hrs and 50mins to go, so far to travel in so little time and minimal wind, will we make it?As all watches on deck setting sails and the chefs working hard in the kitchen [I think Tom means the galley], wasn’t to long before we ran into trouble with our wind direction and intended course, moving into the pilot boarding zone. Quick decisions on the bridge we decide to tack the ship altering our course Easterly more towards our objective. As the calm night proceeds we set into our overnight watches, hitting the rack and rocking to sleep like a baby the youth lie sleepily thinking of theirs songs they have to deliver in the morning. Will the youth meet their destination? Will they completed their set task and hold it together. So far we have avoided lots of shipping, painted a mural, cooked meals and set sail. The weather is great but a bit hot at night. Will send another update in the morning.Captain Tom and the Youth Crew,


26° 44' South / 153° 14' East


Sea State 1, Swell low from the East and wind all over the place! Its hot and muggy 30 degrees and it is 9:30 at night!