Captain's Log
24 January 2008

Command Day, Sailing off Sydney Heads

Hi Folks, Ahoi from Captain Arjun and Sails Master Emma! its been a very interesting 24 hours so far with beautiful weather and very VERY little wind at times. The first task for the elected command team was to retrieve our navigation waypoints from the lady of the forest. We assembled a beach attack team to persue and woo her. Vincent’s dashing good looks came to good use.We then set sail at around 2:45pm into a strong current heading out to seet and a very weak breeze pushing us back into Broken Bay. This made for some tricky conditions and it took some time for our boat to collect enough speed to Tack (with the kind assistance of the engines). We began to beat out of the bay (zig zag into the wind) and just as we were about to get out into the sea and into our first check point, the wind completly died and the tide started pulling us back in. After 5 hours of tacking, the crew was in no mood to stay still and a compromise was met. In exchange for 1 hour of engine use, the crew was to ensure the brass was polished thoroughly in preparation for Australia Day.This got us a fair way out to sea, however once the engines were turned off, we were back to standing still. The wind was coming from the SE at around 4 knots per hour making it seemingly impossible for us to reach our next check point. After setting and Furling several sails and trying every idea our little sailing minds could conjure, we could still only manage a gentle sway as we sdrifted in the ocean. At 2am our command ended and we passed over to the second of the two command crews. At 4am the wind picked up for them and they managed to reach a cracking pace of 7 knots/hr. But as we approached Sydney, once again the wind died and we floated around several miles outside the heads. Most recently we deployed sails that we had never used before and it was a great testiment to the crews adventurous attitude. It remains to be seen how soon we will reach the harbour but fingers crossed!Wish us luck!Captain Arjun


33° 46' South / 151° 27' East


Fine and Sunny with a Southerly Breeze, traveling at 1.5 knots