Captain's Log
23 September 2009


Hi Everyone,Welcome to the second part of Command Day, I am sure that you will enjoy Captain Robbie’s second entry in Captains Log telling you of the Youth Crews adventures over the past 24 hrs while in command of the ship.Until Tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain GavYOUTH CREW COMMAND DAY PART 2Hey All,What an amazing command day. The night was hectic to say the least. We had very trying conditions, being forced to use the engines a couple of times in the early evening with the ship determined to turn around and take us to Bali (not that we minded).The wind god then shined upon us with the best sailing conditions we have had so far. The winds got over 30knots and we got the ship going at 10.5knots at one stage. It was a bit of wild ride with the ship maintaining an unbelievable lean to the starboard side, it was a little wet and a pair of my shoes was sacrificed to the great ocean.We were up and down a bit throughout the night, the conditions being the strongest we have had so we did a lot of learning along the way. The cooks were so kind as to wake us with not one but 2 fire drills. During the first my nose became quite intimate with the deck. Thanks to Trish for the attempted save. My nose is a bit of a shiner but at least I have a good story to tell. Young Endeavour 1, Robbie 0.After Lucy fell out of bed, Laura showed the boys up with a chin up on the ratlands and 5 cooks later we finally got some breakfast served (yes it was even on time) though very few crew or staff were able to eat. Most sticking to the deck, with 3 packets of sayo biscuits doing the rounds.With the small watches of command day and a considerable portion of the crew out of action we made the decision to postpone the morning tasks. Our main focus was keeping the ship on track and the safety of everyone on board.All watches pulled resources together and we managed to keep us sailing till about noon when we were able to tack towards Broome and get the swell behind us which made for much smoother sailing. Gav was kind enough to then extend our command to 4pm giving us enough time to complete more of our tasks and get us in to Broome.This day has been an experience I and I hope none of the crew will ever forget. We had to overcome some of the biggest challenges we will ever face. Through pulling together our knowledge and working together we were able to overcome all the challenges the wind gods threw at us.The day was not all work plenty of fun was also to be had. In the afternoon we finally got to have a brief where Nanna’s Grandaughter Virgina (Bob) was able to visit us and do a quick clean up of the lower deck, specifically the staffies quarters. We completed as many tasks as we could complete before heading over to Cable Beach to watch the sunset behind the silhouette of the majestic ship, the Young Endeavour.Virginia left us with a poem which I will leave with you now, it really sums up the experiences we have had onboard, the fun, the friends and the memories.Thanks to the staff for all the support and the Youth Crew for making this experience what it was.Signing OffCaptain Tito (Robbie)Young Endeavour – Voyage 13/09We all signed up to sail the sea,And fell into a new familyDarwin to Broome is where we have been.The scenery between, not many have seen.From 5 foot 1 to 6 foot 3,From Tazzie to Sydney and Adelaide to Brizzy.No one wants the trip to end.Lepricons and Gummi Bears who thought they would be friends.Nanna came and cleaned our stuff.Never have I seen such a great set of (pause) T-eeth.Hot sweaty rooms to share,Who ever knew Canberra was Square.Shorty was sick, a shame to be.She left some on board for all to see.Jarods cooking, can I get a hell yeah.Can I get a hell no for what he wears.Biggi Island was such a treat.Pity the staff were forced to cheat.Our watch times we cannot choose.Dion you have to stop hitting the snooze.Well done Tafyy on your fish prize,Next time buy shorts that will fit your size.Gav’s fishing suggested the seas were barren.Never again, Zaiga as canon.Janet with your friends so proud,At the dinner table, now that’s not allowed.Kaitlyn birthday was worth a cheer,Lindsay as Marylin. There’s a pattern here.Kennya man whos size we fear,Zaiga its not your turn to steer.Captain Titos, he’s in chargeThe Jackson brother living large.The Top Gallent on the first night, raised our pulses.Multiculturalism was the rage, with shorty breaking lose in a B-Boy Rage.The salty sea dog taught us the rules.It was rubbish and lies we were all fools.Winds pick up and the boats on a slant.Robbie gets his jive on with a massive face plant.Accountability is important so we don’t have to look.We all know the blue teams here when we hear a blue team HOOH!Red team are classic they thought they had all the tricks, made it funnierWhen it was revealed ‘Red Rockets’ is in fact a dogs lip stick.In conclusion and on a serious note.We have all had a wow of a time on this fine boat.With friendship and trust running riot.These have been days we will remember the rest of our life.Virgina (Bob) and the Youth Crew 


17°56's / 122°11'e


Currently at anchor at the famous Cable Beach and enjoying light SE winds.