Captain's Log
V 07/17
2 April 2017

Command Day Part 2

Ahoy there,We got to the heads of Broken Bay at approximentley 2100.With the calm condions in the bay we didnt have much idea what the next 10 hours had install for us.The wind picked up and the sails were set, we were on our way!The first hick up was around 2230, the wind had increased and we were off course and heading for land.Everyone was up on deck maning the sails to wear the ship getting us back on course.there was a consistant swell of 2-3 meters and the wind was gusting up to 40kts, theses conditions didnt help as at least half the crew were suffering with being sea sick.But we pulled through every one putting as much in as they could and stepping into help out the fellow crew mates.Because of these conditions the staff crew decided it would be safest to have the motors running for back up in sticking situations.Port Jackson was in our vacinity by 0630 and we proceded to our anchor point at 0700.WE MADE IT! (in one piece and only 30 minutes behind scheduale)All tasks were completed with the help of all the youth crew and the ship was handed back over at 1000 in ship shape condition.Thank you to all the crew for your perserverence and supporting each other in our 24 hour youth comand day.Youth Captin Kiah ———————–Thank you Youth Crew Captain Kiah and congratulations on a highly successful Command Day. Realising everyone was exhausted we gave the crew some time off after I took the Ship back. After lunch we ran the crew ashore to Watsons Bay in the sea boat for a coule of hours to stretch their legs and get a coffee or tea from the local shops.Once we were back onboard we enjoyed another of Marcos’ delicious dinners and then held a Ship’s concert on deck. The Staffies put on the first act followed by each of the watches.The plains to remain here overnight then sail at 0800 and proceed alongside HMAS Waterhen, Waverton, at 0900.Until tomorrow.Yours Aye, Captain Mike


33 50.7' S / 151 16.4' E


(Anchored in Watsons Bay) Wind 080 10 Kn, Weather passing showers, Swell nil, Temp 19 deg. C