Captain's Log
V14/17 Newcastle to Sydney
23 October 2017

Command Day Part 2

Hi Everyone,                         Welcome to Day 9 of our voyage. By sunrise this morning we were located 24nm to the south of Port Jackson sailing downwind under all three squares.Regrettably the wind had moderated overnight which had reduced our boat speed considerably and made it impossible for the Youth Crew to make their final waypoint in the required time. Rather than disappoint them I decided to extend their Command Day by another 3hrs so that they could reach Sydney Heads and achieve their mission which they did when we entered Sydney Harbour at 1300.Once in the harbour we sailed down the Eastern Channel to Rose Bay where we came safely to anchor at 1330. Once at anchor we held a short ceremony where the Youth Crew handed the ship back to the Staff Crew then once completed we ferried them ashore where they browsed through the local Rose Bay shops and enjoyed a good coffee at one of the many cafes.Late this afternoon with everyone safely back onboard we conducted the Command Day debrief then following another one of Keely’s amazing dinners we again mustered back on deck for a very entertaining ‘Sods Opera’. This activity gives all of the watches a chance to demonstrate their musical or drama skills and entertain the rest of the crew. Tonight’s performances by all three watches were excellent.The time is now 2100 and we are just settling into anchor watches overnight ensuring that everyone is well rested for tomorrows Community Sail.Until tomorrow, take care Yours AyeCaptain Gav  23nd October: Command Day cont.From Jervis Bay to Rose Bay, SydneyGreetings fellow Young Endeavour enthusiasts! Your now retired Captain and Sailmaster are reporting to you from beautiful Rose Bay, Sydney, after a calm night at sea. Since our last letter, the wind was not in our favour. With low constant winds our fine ship sailed smoothly through the night making no significant increase in speed until 0300 this morning. We then made up for lost time and powered through towards Sydney. Throughout the night the scurvy youth crew kept watches and tended to the sails to keep us on course and make headway. The youth crew wrote songs and poems depicting their experience on board, while on watch. These sea shanties will be performed on the last night in front of the entirety of the crew.0700, Wonderful World played over the P.A to wake the resting sailors from their much needed beauty sleep. Our Youth chefs, Cooper, Denise and Hannah cooked a fabulous breakfast, before each team spoke about life skills that they have learnt on and off the ship at 0830. Following that, the elected youth command team put on a morning brief including special guests, sea knowledge and inspirational quotes. Watch Officer Ollie, with the assistance of the captain and Watch Leaders, Bree, Jack and Lachlan put on a show to say the least. Many laugh’s where shared especially when we found out we would keep command of the ship until 1300 when we passed through Sydney Harbour Heads.After morning brief our favourite time arrived, Happy Hour! The crew scrubbed the deck, polished the brass, mopped the floors and cleaned the windows to keep this fine blue ship sparkling. Upon arrival we took the chance to visit ashore and had a pleasant surprise at Perfection Chocolates. The owner Johnny, impressed by the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme kindly gifted us a selection of his finest chocolates. We returned to the ship at 1600, to officially hand back command to Captain Gav, followed by a command day debrief. The hidden talent among our crew had the opportunity to shine tonight as each watch and Staffies produced a skit of their own creation at SODs Opera. Tonight we begin our anchor watches and hope for a good night sleep to prepare for our community day sail tomorrow. Thanks you for following our journey thus far, over and out.Regards,Stephen & Mercedes