Captain's Log
V07/21 Gladstone to Airlie Beach
7 November 2021

Command Day Part 2

Good evening Shipmates,

For most of the crew, the day started at 0001, and for the rest, 0130 for an early morning wear. The two watch groups were creatively named sausage rolls and pies and they worked effectively together setting and furling sails throughout the night to keep us on track, according to the navi-guru’s well-thought out plan. The fatigue was a challenging task, but the overall positive attitude kept the team functioning and we arrived 8 minutes early to our last way-point.

The morning brief was wildly entertaining with the big 3 (Captain, Sail Master, Navigator) impersonating their respective staffie opposites, most accurately. Once at anchor, the crew continued working through the task list completing a chalk mural at midships that depicts the voyage so far. The marvellous youthie chefs cooked up a Mexican feast of burritos for lunch – the last meal before returning the ship back to the staffies.

After lunch, a number of youthies presented their 3-minute life skill skits (how to fold clothes efficiently, how to make the perfect cup of Milo, and how to accurately draw a face). This was swiftly followed by a 15-minute disco party in the 12-berth with accompanying disco ball, flashing lights and up-beat dancing music.

All of a sudden, it was time to hand back the ship to the staffies as our 24-hour command day period had come to an end. The afternoon was spent exploring the Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail which was a peaceful and illuminating experience. Then, we debriefed our command day period along with end of voyage discussions before having a delicious pizza party dinner from the astonishing Adsy.
To celebrate our last night aboard the Young Endeavour, we sang songs, read stories and watched a slide show of voyage highlights. We speak on behalf of everyone when we say, we’ll be sad to see each other go.

-Amber, Ruby, Bj


Thank you Amber, Ruby and BJ.

After a hectic night of some solid sailing and a couple of tacks, we finally reached the last waypoint with a few minutes to spare! Great job Youth Crew.
While we took back the navigation and started the engines, the youth crew handed-in sail in preparation for going to anchor in Nara inlet on Hook Island. The rest of the day was filled with a short run ashore to look at some ancient indigenous rock art and to stretch the legs; post-command day and post-voyage debriefs and completion of the final tasks, which included a voyage slide show, songs and a poem written by the youth crew.

All crew are guaranteed to sleep well tonight, after a massive day and a half!

Until tomorrow, when I will chat about voyage 07/21 for the last time. Yours Aye, Captain Mike


20 08.8' S / 148 54.4' E


Anchored in Nara Inlet on Hook Island. Wind: Light and variable, Sea and Swell: nil, Weather: Fine and clear, Temp: 22 deg C