Captain's Log
12 August 2009


Hi Everyone,Please find attached the second Captains Log entry fo the Youth Crews Command Day.Yours AyeCaptain GavCAPTAINS LOG PART 2Tuesday 8th of DecemberOnce out of the bay we continued our wayward course learning very quickly the somewhat complex, yet so simple theory of sailing. We found ourselves making solid ground towards New Zealand while discussing possible courses of action in order to manage our sails without disturbing the valuable, and highly regarded shut-eye. After some solid discussion we finally managed to get the ship on course and set the 3 beautiful squaresails picking up a good South Easterly driving us up the south coast. We increased our speed thanks to good weather conditions and covered the ground we previously lost. The crew were given set tasks to achieve in their watches throughout the night such as creating a humorous verse for a poem and singing the national anthem to five different tunes. The ridiculous yet entertaining morning brief was conducted by Sailmaster Brad and the youth crew. Morning brief was filled with shenanigans such as dizzy drunken Dan the fifth, who gave us an insight into sailors’ lore and the Naviguessers presentation of where we are, where we were going and how long it would take us. At the conclusion of morning brief we continued our course approaching quickly onto Sydney harbour and completed the last of the set tasks assigned to us. We successfully made the last waypoint on time under engines in order to rendezvous with the Indigenous Sail Training Ship Tribal Warrior. We were honoured by their homecoming welcome and thoroughly enjoyed their sailing in company with the Young Endeavour. Under almost full sail the youth crew displayed their sailing capabilities to the delight of the general public of Sydney and its harbour and in jolly good old fashion we portrayed some pirate attitude with some outspoken “aargh’s” and “ahoy there’s”. Once Anchored the staff put us through a command day debriefing wherein we discussed as a group the positives and negatives of the command and what the youth crew learned and were able to take away from this once in a lifetime experience. This experience is one that each individual crew member will remember, cherish, and look back on throughout their lifetime. The youth crew proceeded to take in and appreciate the Harbour that has become one of Australia’s greatest icons and reflect on what it means to be apart of something, and be apart of the wonderful country that was successfully circumnavigated by the Young Endeavour and the various youth crews of 2009.Yours AyeCaptain ScottLate News: Due to strong winds which caused us to drag our anchor at Farm Cove we have just moved to the safety of our berth at Fleet Base East. 


33°52's / 151°13'e


Currently berthed at Fleet Base East and experiencing very strong southerly wind gusts of 25-30kts.