Captain's Log
18 May 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,Please find attached Youth Crew Command Day Part 2 from the second Captain elect Captain Andre Yap “Sumo”.Yours AyeCaptain GavFROM NO WIND TO TOO MUCH WIND!!We are now resting just outside Bundaberg after a long night on Command day. After an intense “rock off” between the two captains (Tim and I), I was selected to command the night watch. We started off with very good winds and travelling to plan but of course the weather had to change and we had our 250 tonne boat going at 8.4knots and travelling in winds up to 30konts. It was a hard and sleepless night with 3am tacks and many sail adjustments during the night.I was very proud to work along the side of Tim as co-captain and having the youth crew trusting me to lead them on their command day. The youth crew did a fantastic job.We all are having a great time and some of us don’t want to leave the boat due to the fact that we have now got our sea legs and even being on land is a weird feeling. All of us are looking forward to a good sleep tonight and awaiting a new adventure tomorrow.Thanks and good night.Captain Andre “Sumo” Yap.PS. The food is amazing!! 


24°48's / 152°28'e


At anchor just north east of Bargara Point and experiencing light south westerly winds.