Captain's Log
14 November 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,Due to a technical problem the Captains Log Entry from the YC cannot be entered onto the system tonight but we will try and have this issue fixed by tomorrow. In its place I have added some of my own narrative which commenced during the early hours of this morning.This issue has now been rectified, please find attached Command Day Part 2:Until Tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavCOMMAND DAY CAPTAINS LOG PART 2Hi all it’s Lisa again! Command day is now over! We anchored at around 2 this morning arriving at our destination ahead of schedule. At 10am we handed the ship back to the staff. Although we all agreed that Command day was fun it was a relief to see it finish and we were all happy that the ship remained in one piece for the full 24 hours. After 10am all of the youth crew were allowed to catch up on some much missed sleep and spent the rest of the day relaxing with an enjoyable, if not slightly challenging, quiz in the afternoon. Once again can I say hello to Mum, Dad, Jodie, Mark and Hamish. I cannot wait to see you all again on Sunday!!Lisa CameronWhoa! What a journey. It was intense every step of the way. I still can’t believe it all happened, and so quickly and now it’s over. Us kids bit the bullet and took charge of this almighty ship and somehow we made it! It is like we achieved the unachievable. I don’t think that I have or will ever experience such a steep learning curve again. Melbourne provided us with the usual four season in one day; testing our limited knowledge and authority over the ship. I am truly spent. It is tough to be thrown into to such a position of leadership, try to keep everyone’s best interests (like sleep) in mind and achieve the goals were we set. I honestly put 150% into this task and enjoyed every minute of it. There are definitely a lot of things we could have done differently. Our crew brief on our efforts and everyone’s experience was very beneficial to see how it all faired.We have defiantly made some life long friends on this voyage. I think part of me may never leave the sea.Love to allNatalie NobleCommand day is an experience I, and I’m sure everyone else on the voyage, will never forget. Sure we worked as a team to achieve our goals but I think that what has been learnt from the experience is much more important. As the staff have said and continually reinforced, the ship is used as a tool or stimulus for teaching those skills that can be highly useful in life. The development and reinforcing of skills gained through such an experience including teamwork, the need for communication, having an understanding of the difficulties of all the roles within a team and the need for trust are invaluable. Thankyou to all those that have made this possible. What an experience, What an adventure.Jacob McMaster 


37°55's / 144°57'e


Currently at anchor 1nm to the west of the Sandringham Yacht Club and experiencing moderate SW winds with a 1m swell