Captain's Log
20 October 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,Command Day started at 1400 today with the Youth Crew of Voyage 15-08 officially taking command of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. One of the tasks for this 24 hour period is for the Youth Crew Captains to write the Captains Log for both tonight and tomorrow night so please find attached the first log entries from Captains elect Mitch and Pete covering today’s events.Yours AyeCaptain GavGday Everyone,Pete Bresnik and Mitch Stubberfield are today’s captains bringing you a special edition of Captains Log. As of 2 pm the ship was officially taken over by the youth crew. Our apprenticeship began with a search and rescue mission to recover the directions for the oncoming voyage. Six youth crew combined to form the Beach Assault Team (BAT). These courageous souls included Hannah, Leigh, Richard, Kate, Nina, Jasmine. 500 metres of treacherous waters in a wobbly paddle driven dinghy pursued by pesky pirates weren’t enough to prevent our BAT from bringing home the goods.Upon arrival of the mission, Captain Mitch’s command crew including Johnno at sailmaster and Kathryn at navigator, set into action a plan. That plan had a strong emphasis on avoiding the rocks that sat just under the water at the southern point of Pambula! Keeping things running smoothly were Watch Leader’s Ryan, Josh and Kelsy ably steering their teams around the maze of ropes and sails. With the Jib, the Fore Staysail, the Main Staysail and the Main Sail all in place, Young Endeavour headed South East toward their checkpoint some 25 Nautical Miles away.At precisely 2am the command of the ship will be assumed by Captain Pete and his sailmaster Henry and navigator Hannah. Watchs will be lead by Tristan, Dean and Bevo.Before 2pm Tuesday, we are hoping to have rounded the checkpoint and anchored safely in Eden. Along the way our ever reliable crew will try to create a chalk mural, a 24 person hammock, a photo of 21 youth crew aloft simultaneously, set all sails, tie all the knots pictured in the heads, spot a whale or shark, and enjoy the experience.Off turns!Captains Pete and Mitch.PS: Just a short message from Baby Boy Dean saying ‘All is well mum. I’m eating fine thankyou. All my vegies. I’m washing behind my ears and my belly button. Sleeping like I was still in the cot. Miss you. See you soon.” 


36°55's / 150°1'e


Currently 6nm to the SE of Merimbula Bay and experiencing moderate 10-15kt SW winds with a 1.5M swell