Captain's Log
13 November 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,Command Day commenced at 1000 this morning with the official handover of the “Telescope of Challange” to the Youth Crew of Voyage 17-08. For the next 24 hours Young Endeavour will be run by the YC. One of the many tasks to be completed over this period is the writing of the Captains Log, so please find tonights entry from YC Captains Nat and Jacob.Yours AyeCaptain GavCOMMAND DAY CAPTAINS LOGAhoy me hearties! Ay it is ye Captain Smiley and Old Cappy Jake ‘ere (Natalie and Jacob)! We av commandeered our beauty the Young Endeavour, set sails fourth and just passed though our first way point. Earlier this fine day our BAT team (Beach Assault Team) successfully rowed ashore to the town of Rye to retrieve the hidden navigation points and gather a total of 60 locals to sing our Australian anthem while hoisting the Australian flag. Once safely back on board we soon weighed anchor. We hoisted sails to face the weather head on, with tacks a little too often and water traffic not far enough away, we entrusted our ‘Navorguessors’ to steer us any direction except towards the shore.We both agree, this Captains gig is tough, exciting, challenging and a whole other swag of mixed emotion. It sounds simple to just look at the big picture, sit back and oversee, however, as you may guess from the way this is written, it is not. It is exhausting. That said, it is definitely an adrenaline rush that we will never forget. We are not doing too badly�the ship is still in one piece and we haven’t hit anything, yet! What makes this role more difficult and exciting is the need to change best laid plans on the move, but this is a challenge we ‘endeavour’ 😉 to complete. Heading towards our second and last waypoint, we hope to drop anchor sometime in the early morning and complete the majority of our remaining tasks after some sleep. So, anyone up for sailing around the world? 


38°8's / 144°57'e


Currently in Port Phillip Bay and experiencing moderate SE winds with a 1m swell.