Captain's Log
2 April 2009


Ahoy Shipmates,Command Day is now well underway with the YC tasked with sailing the Ship from Coles Bay to Storm Bay a distance of approximatly 80nm. Besides sailing and navigating the ship the YC have been given a number of tasks to complete along the way. One of those tasks is to complete the Captains Log for both tonight and tomorrow, so please find attached Captains Log Entry from Captain Coops and her team.Until tomorrow. take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavYOUTH CREW COMMAND DAY VOYAGE 3-09CAPTAINS LOGAs the sun rose over the east while we were anchored in Wine Glass Bay Tasmania, we awoke at 0600 to the glorious sound of Paul’s voice, a voice that we have gotten so used to, too quickly! While we were doing our morning exercises of Mounts, Knights & Cavaliers it dawned upon the youth crew that today was the day�. COMMAND DAY, where the youth crew take over the ship for 24 hours� would you trust us??!!!! After only being on the ship for 6 days with most of the youth crew’s heads over the side of the boat crossing Bass Strait, today was our day to shape up & show off just what the amazing crew had taught us on this life-changing tall ship.Of course the day could not proceed without our last breakfast from Jarod the Chefo, with all of the crew eating as much as possible because we didn’t know what the ability of our new cooks for the next 24 hours would be. Along with acquiring new chefs for the Command day, we also had the chance to vote in a new Command Team. This command team was split into two groups who would be in charge of taking over the ship in two 12 hour lots. Voted amongst the new crew were Captain Mighty Miko & Captain Crazy Cooper, Sail Master Reliable Russ & Sail Miss Magical Mikaela, Navigator Amazing Alex & Navigator Marvellous Maree, Officer of the Watch Silly Simon & Officer of the Watch Beautiful Beck, our six watch leaders Ben, Mick, Dunc, Jannah, James & Kieran and our three chefs Kirsty, Dee & Mitch. However the ship could not sail without the help of all 24 youth crew who all play a very important role with respect to every aspect of the ship, as well as with the challenge that we have been set by Captain Gav & his trusting team. As we’re all seeing this command day, it’s not about any one person making decisions. Rather, it’s a group of 24 who make the decisions together as a team.So, the day had come for the youth of Australia on Voyage 3-09 to take control of the ship. After breakfast & happy hour (cleaning the ship) we departed to shore for a “leisurely” walk. Little did we know that we were trekking up one of the mountains from Wine Glass Bay to the other side of Coles Bay. When we arrived we were then given instructions as a team with a list of 20 tasks to achieve. The first one was soon under way, with the Beach Assault Team singing the National Anthem on the deck of the caf� with as many locals & strangers as possible, in order to mark the beginning of the youth crew’s journey. All about & we were ready to go, asking as many questions as possible from our respected leaders to cram in as much information as our brains could handle.Square sails ready, anchor up, yards braced & we were off. Not long after getting out of the bay we nearly had the ship in full mast. With the weather perfect, the gods were on our side. At this time of the evening, we still have control of the ship, have already met a few of our tasks, have been fed with a decent meal (go chefs!) & have sailed the ship without power further in the few hours that we have had control, than we have in the past 6 days (sorry Gav  the weather is too good).So it’s at this time in the evening that Captain Mighty Miko & Captain Crazy Cooper say Good night me hearties, check in tomorrow for the second chapter of our adventures.   


42°37's / 148°22'e


Currently 6nm to the East of Maria Island and enjoying 20-25kt NE winds with a following sea (the weather gods are finally smiling upon YE)