Captain's Log
11 August 2011


Hi Everyone,Overnight with the assistance of a moderate north easterly the ship made good progress towards the entry to Port Phillip Bay, with our entry programmed for slack water. This entry was achieved at 0600 when Young Endeavour passed safely through the ‘Rip’ and entered Port Phillip Bay via the Eastern Channel. On entering the bay we proceeded up the main channel to Capel Sound coming safely to anchor just of the township of Rye at 0815.Once at anchor I conducted my Command Day brief which was followed by Command Team elections.At 1300 an enthusiastic Youth Crew were handed the “telescope of challenge” then immediately set about planning how they were going to tackle the many tasks required to be completed during the 24 hour Command Day period.One those many tasks is for the Youth Crew to write the Captains Log for tonight and tomorrow, so please find attached tonight’s log entry from Youth Crew Captain Tom.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav YOUTH CREW COMMAND DAYCAPTAINS LOG8th November 2011Command Day has finally arrived, with mixed feelings of excitement, anxiety and all emotions in between throughout the Youth Crew. This morning, our crew elected our command team and the rest were split into three watches. We decided that two navigators should be elected for greater accuracy and to, hopefully, ease the burden of pressure.We were handed the ship at 1300 and took the lack of any sort of wind as an opportunity to work on some of the tasks given to us by Ex-Captain Gav. We completed five tasks before we decided to start the engines and weigh in the anchor at 1900. Such tasks involved sending a Beach Assault Team over to shore to claim land by raising our nation’s flag and whilst singing the National Anthem, with the help of some willing, if confused, locals; constructing a hammock across midships that would support the weight of all 23 Youth Crew members; and partaking in a humorously themed dinner, prepared by our elected chefs, and inspired by the Young Endeavour’s own Nanna.Leaving anchor, we motored off on calm waters and made relatively good time at reaching our first three waypoints. The engines were then cut off immediately by Gav, upon reaching Waypoint Three, leaving us near motionless in very little wind. Regathering ourselves, we set enough sails to make our slow way towards Waypoint Four. After a while, winds began to pick up and speed increased, finally!By putting our heads together, I’m sure we can make the remainder of this voyage effective and safe, but also heaps of fun.Captain out.Tom


38°13's / 144°59'e


Currently located 3nm to the west of Mornington and experiencing light - moderate E/NE winds with nil swell. Temp 18 Degrees, Barom 1011 Steady.