Captain's Log
3 May 2008

Command Day Part 1

Ahoy Shipmates, Please find attached Captains Log entry from Youth Crew Captain Max and his team.Yours AyeCaptain Gav Well here we are at command day, with the staff having finally surrendered command of the Young Endeavour to the youth crew (fools!!!). This commenced at 1000h this morning as the staff in fancy dress abandoned ship in Jervis Bay (don’t worry we rescued them!). The first team in command was Captain Max Shipton with Sailmaster Laura Cook; Bec Hackett, Loren Shallies and Verity Cotter as Officers of the watch and David Plathe, David and Kendall Urquhart as watch leaders. From there we practiced our tacking skills, repeatedly, and finally got out into open waters. So far we have successfully passed through two of our set waypoints and are on course for Sydney thanks to our two excellent navigators Nikita and Matt. A superb Hawaiian themed dinner was provided thanks to our chefs Em, Ilona and Morg. We have also successfully completed several challenges set for us, including; setting a total of 8 sails, creating a chalk mural on deck of our voyage thus far and getting 21 members of the youth crew aloft for a photo. We are currently at work on our next task of ���singing�� the Australian Anthem in four different tunes (so far the Mexican hat dance and Amazing Grace). David P. ��� Miss you all. Be home soon. Soz couldn’t call mum! 2nd payphone I tried didn’t work. Grrr. Lol Love you guys. ( 9 o’clock, Lyssie)Loren��� arh its sheer relief as my fingers tap the laptop keys ��� ���SOMETHING FAMILIAR�� I think, as much as I am our here in the middle of the ocean far far away from my comfort zones, the knowledge I have gained and the things I have done these past 8 days is just surreal. I truly couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my time.just over a week ago id never step foot on a ship and now, on command day I am here as a ���officer of the watch�� ��� life is what you make it! Kendall ��� hi to Mum, Dad, Morgan, Avis, Eca and everyone else at home and school. We are currently a few NM north of Jervis Bay, and I am here on watch with Bravo Watch which I am Watch Leader for. We have up lots of sails and making a steady 4 �_ Kts. Don’t really miss you all that much because I spent a bunch of time seasick and the rest hauling on ropes or climbing aloft. Being 33m up in the middle of the ocean is the best feeling! Feeling as if I’m getting what I want from the trip and discovering so much about myself whilst learning new skills and making great new friends and having a ball. See you in Sydney on Saturday and love to all! -���enjoy life because no-one gets out alive��Julia- oh gotta love the ocean! What can I say, thank you elita. Apart from the numerous amount of bruises, the dry, salty skin and hand washing clothes (yes believe it, I washed my own clothes) this thing is unbelievable! I would never even imagine doing anything of the sort before this, but what do you know, it’s a remarkable experience that I will never ever forget. Gebert ��� Command day has certainly got us thinking; thinking about ourselves, thinking about each other. With a balance of teamwork mixed with the joys of singing, joking and ���pirate etude’, we are achieving our many goals. But although everything is going smoothly for now, we must not let down our guard for the coming watch.-���Thus does fortune alternate, victory, defeat. The happy conqueror today, tomorrow, must retreat��


34° 47' South / 150° 57' East


Under full plain sail on a Starboard Tack and currently experiencing light south easterly wind at 5-10kts with a 1m swell.