Captain's Log
7 May 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,This morning dawned bright and clear but with a slight chill in the air, so it was decided to by-pass an early morning swim and conduct an early morning activity on deck instead. On completion it was the usual activities of breakfast followed by colours, morning brief and finally “happy hour”. At 1000 the YC Captains were handed the “telescope of challenge” and their Command Day instructions. Given this new burden of responsibility the newly appointed Captains immediately went in to a well orchestrated planning phase prior to tackling any of the set tasks. One of these tasks is to write the Captains Log for the next 24 hours, so please find the first log entry from Captain Morgan who is the Youth Crew Captain for the first 12 hours of Command Day.Yours AyeCaptain GavCaptains Log Youth Crew Command DayVoyage 10/08Hello from Young Endeavour this is Captain Morgan for the first 12 hour watch beginning 1000. The other Captain Alex is on for the next 12 hours starting 2200. Sail Masters elected were Drew and Nicole who have been working closely with the navigators Gemma and Brent. Watch officers voted in are John, Callum, David, Kristin, Ash and Michelle. Our Chefs, Lisa, Tim and Will, made their own menus and prepared a wonderful lunch and dinner. The pirates in charge of our watches are Chanelle, Emily, Tamara, Michelle, James and Ben.It was an interesting start to the morning as Captain Gav handed over his position to both captains. We also eventually succeeded in setting sail and sailing from anchor (without engines) at Pioneer Bay on Orpheus Island. Unfortunately the wind Gods were not kind to us and we had to set sail in the wrong direction! We decided to wear the ship so as to pass Orpheus Island and head towards the Great Barrier Reef.After wearing once and tacking a following 5 times we finally made it through our check point one and breaking a long held Young Endeavour record which was 34 tacks in one voyage, we are now up to 35 and we still have 3 days to go! We are currently heading towards our check point 2 which is closer to the barrier reef.At the moment all of the Youth crew are on autopilot as we have been up for the last 16 hours straight and there is still many times to tack tonight. But tomorrow is another day and slug on we shall!The tasks yet to be completed are singing the national anthem in 5 different tunes, going aloft (climbing the mast which is 33 metres high) to take a photo of 21 people, go ashore onto magnetic island and gather all of the people that we can to sing the national anthem with some of the Youth crew and creating a mural of our time on the Endeavour.Catch you all on the flip side,Adios el Capitano and assistants.P.S Michelle says Happy Anniversary to her boyfriend!


18°32's / 146°36'e


Currently sailing under all fore & aft sails and experiencing moderate SE winds.