Captain's Log
8 November 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,Command Day is now well underway with the Youth Crew doing exceptionally well. One of the tasks is for the Youth Crew Captains to write the Captains Log for tonight and tomorrow, so please attached Command Day Part 1 from Captain Paul and his team.Yours AyeCaptain GavCommand Day Captains LogVoyage 13-08Good evening to all you land lovers!!!Today the ship was taken over by us, the youth!, and so far so good. We haven’t hit anything…yet.After a very shaky start, and nervous tension, we are now smooth sailing and ahead of the ball.We were handed command of the ship at 1000 and have control until 1000 tomorrow. At 1000 we were given our tasks and planning began. After sending a Beach Assault Team (BAT) ashore to retrieve the navigational waypoints we pulled anchor and began! After leaving Noosa at 1416 exactly, we SLOWLY pulled out of Laguna bay. After slowly gaining speed we are now comfortably sailing at 5.5 Knots.A team of youth crew just attacked the fore mast and sea furled the three square sails. WHOO yeah awesome awesome excellent two thumbs up. It was very successful and the leadership team of Paul, Gav and Tim were informed of some deep thin king whilst aloft. The current plan for the rest of the night is pretty well in the hands of the wind but we are going to have to tack at least 3 times and change command teams at 2200.So far it has been an experience of a lifetime, with much more still to be learnt and experienced.Over and outFirst Command teamTim, Gav and Paul


26°28's / 153°22'e


Currently to the south east of Laguna Bay and experiencing moderate 15-18kt SW winds