Captain's Log
21 May 2007

Command Day, Off Stradbroke Is

Ahoy Me Hearties, To tell you about Command Day, here is YC Captain Daz:Hi Dudes and Dudettes, well to say the least or command day started off very very slowly…. Pulling up anchor at lunch time and from there drifting up the goldcoast with no wind. It took around 5 hours for the team to fully understand the operation of the ship, but I am very happy to say that its now 2000hrs and we are sailing the ship by sail, by ourselves at a constant speed of about 3knots per hour with 6-7 knots of breeze.Ben and Sarah my faithful hands are running the ship very smoothly, ben organised the youth crew to put up 6 sails in a duration of 1hour. Sarah is running the watches, rounds, lookouts and activities are being conducted as we talk.Ellie and Rachelle are the best navigators ever and its going to really be a shame to hand over the command to green watch in 3hours time. Watchleaders Dan, Gotty and Googs are doing a fantastic job of running their watches and have done so well to put up with the command team as it has taken us up to half our to come up with a decision sometimes.Today 21 crew climbed aloft to complete a task, when while we were aloft we spotted over 15 dolphins, and what a sight it was. Also our cooks (Clare,l Davo and Jonesy) have been cooking up a storm in the kitchen, tonite they completed a command day task and dinner was set as a pirates and dames of the night theme.Our command period is slowly coming to a halt, 3 1/2 hours to go and I’ll be handing over command to Captain Pete and his crew. Today has really seen everybody shine, weaknesses have been found and built upon and as the voyage 06/07 slowly finishes the friendships that have been made will be hard to part but will never be forgotten.Daz


27° 34' South / 153° 36' East


Wind variable 10 kts