Captain's Log
11 April 2006

Command Day, Jervis Bay to Sydney

Elections were held on Sunday to determine the command crew forMonday and Tuesday, otherwise known as Command day. The group as awhole decided to keep the tried and tested chain of command structurewith a CO, XO, Nav, WO, 3 cooks and 3 watch leaders. the positionswent according to an impromptu voting system.The results were:CO JeremyXO SherynNav DanielWO TomCooks Fraser Adele AlWL Kate Jadee StanThe left over crew members formed the same three watches, Red, Blueand White.At 1300 on the 10 Apr 06, the ‘keys’ of the ship were handed over andwe were left to our own devices to attempt to sail the ship out ofJervis Bay, The bad news being, we’d used all of our lucky cards onthe trip through the bass straight, meaning that we had a head windbefore we even got outof the bay. After a slow start the command teambegan to realise the importance of the jib. After our first tack/3point turn, we set the jib to give enough speed to exit the bay.Heading with the wind at 55 degrees on the port side of the bow, thebest angle up the coast we could manage was almost 90, so after anassesment of the situation, another tack was in order. However,things rarely go to plan, and during the tack, the ship drifted 1/2 amile further south. As we tried to move up the coast we realised thatto complete the task of reaching Sydney in time to meet the GovenorGeneral, then wind would not be enough. So at 2030 The Captain(Chris) was asked for permission to use both engines, to which heagreed. With both engines running a slow journey North began, alwayskeeping the wind as close to the bow as possible (without sailsluffing). After another tack as we neared the coast, the course wasonce again set fo 070 degrees, which averaged an O/G direcction of090. after keeping this course for an uneventfful two hours, the crewwas once again roused to tack the ship at 2242, and beccause of thecold and the wind, they were only to happy to tack in 5 minutesbefore heading back to bed.A number of hours after the tack, captainChris advised that to reach Sydney in time a course directly into thewind would have to be set, the Officer Of the Watch (OOW) was only tohappy to oblige, and set a course that would carry us on the mostdirect route to Sydney.After a rivale of 0630 on the 11 Apr 06, I came to the bridge todiscover that the command team were an incredibly capable bunch, thedistance to Sydney had been greatly decreased as the night wore on,and We would only be 2 hours late. After morning briefing, the crewwent to Happy hour, with an emphasis on nooks and crannies, andcopious amounts of Brasso. The guys and girls really got into thespirit of Brasso, and had shone anything coppery coloured that theycould find. After turning directly into the wind the decision was tofurl all sails until we reached Sydney Harbour. The mainsail wasseafurled thanks to the work of Jack, Phil, Nat and . Afterrecieving a new set of three waypoints, the ship was turned slightlyEast to meet all waypoints, these being named, ‘Garden Of Eden’, ‘Ilove Cheese’ and ‘Boys look good in girls clothing’. For reasonsknown only to the crew. After passing over the last checkpoint justsouth of Sydney Harbour the engines were throttled back to allow timeto set as many sails as possible on approach to Sydney harbour. JeremyYouth Crew Captain


33° 55' South / 151° 19' East


Wind at 55 degrees on the port side of the bow