Captain's Log
23 February 2007

Command Day, Cook Strait

Hi folks, welcome to the Young Endeavour command day voyage 3 2007; the day where the youth crew put the skills learnt during the voyage so far into practice and take full command of the ship for 24 hours. The time is broken into two 12 hour shifts consisting of two separately elected command teams. I, Homer, was elected commanding officer for the first 12 hours. My executive officer was Andrew and my navigators were Johno and Kev. The second team consisting of Frank as commanding officer, Dan as executive officer; and Polly and Pete as navigators, would take control of the ship at a designated handover waypoint.We were assigned the task of navigating through a series of 5 way points beginning at Admiralty Bay at 1300 hrs on 24/2 and finishing at ship cove where we were to anchor at 1200 hrs on 25/2 before giving the ship back at 1300 hrs. In addition secondary tasks such as taking a picture with 20 youth crew aloft were given. Points were awarded for each task completed. The real officers would not be available for consultation but would be present to ensure the safety of the youth crew.The day started when we navigated through French Pass into Admiralty Bay where the first youth command team took over the ship from a standing start. After some trouble getting the ship moving the first command team quickly took charge and the first way point was reached after approximately 2 hours. With the expected strong winds it was not long until the ship was cruising at a very fast rate and the team was in an excellent position to reach their handover waypoint well ahead of schedule. The strong wind however was also hard to control. Reaching 38 knots and with no engines to use the ship was quickly blown off course. With waves coming over the deck and increasingly stormy seas the decision was made by the real commanding officer to abandon the remaining waypoints and seek refuge in Titirangi Bay overnight. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some calmer weather and with it a chance for the second command team to navigate through some revised way points and get us to our final destination.G’day to everyone at home, we will see you soon.Homer


40° 53' South / 174° 10' East


Wind - SSE 35-40 knots, sea rough, cloudy and cold. Gale warning in force.