Captain's Log
1 November 2011


SHIVVVER ME TIMBERRRS! What a long day it has been for all aboard the Young Endeavour since we set sail yesterday evening under the command of the youth crew. It certainly was an eventful evening, as we sailed through the evening we had to utilize our knowledge to set course, fix our position, set and furl sails as necessary, trying to get a good nights sleep in order to anchor early morning in Badger Bay. Alas, the sea is but a fickle mistress, and as sailors we found out the hard way, how winds can change, plans need to be re-written and that those on watch must be able to alter our plans and make decisions as necessary.All of the crew, performed above and beyond expectations, when asked to set sails at dawn and an hour later furl them, after already performing watches in the night. Despite everyone being fatigued, there was little argument, and the job was completed as quickly as possible. As part of our sailing overnight we faced many difficulties, learning our weaknesses, but also our strengths.We had to reassess our course and there was often a member of the Command team at the bridge to assist the watch throughout the night. We learnt that we did not communicate properly between the crew before setting sail and that our plans were incomplete. Despite this, all those throughout the night worked tirelessly, allowing us to reach our anchorage at 0700, at which point many crew allowed a sleep-in to reward the efforts.At our morning brief, we completed many more tasks, demonstrating our creativity and good humour. Poems were read, songs sung, plans for the day were given, but to the crew’s enjoyment, a special old lady entertained us with stories of the Staffies in their own youth. This was followed by Happy Hour, where despite many fatigued faces, everyone pulled together to clean the ship, including its brass.Handover was to occur at 1300, so the crew spent the morning napping and completing tasks, such as climbing aloft for a photo, knot demonstrations and creating a hammock for all youth crew at midships. By the time handover occurred, we had completed nearly every task as per our orders, which reflect the efforts of all crew members.The returning staff were very gracious for the return of their ship, allowing for more rest to be caught up on, before debriefing us on our efforts of command day. The afternoon left us more time to reflect on our journey thus far, before the staff prepared a variety of pizzas which filled every crew members hunger at dinner.All members of the youth crew performed to the best of their abilities, but I would like in particular to thank our chefs; Mike, Amy and Leish, for lifting morale with terrific meal, including a French-themed breakfast. Also thanks are due to our navigator Alex, and sail-master B.K. who worked tirelessly with me to ensure we fulfilled all orders and made sure the crew had fun through the day. However, I personally would like to thank all crew for giving me the chance to lead and work with them through command day, I truly cherish the responsibility and trust given to me. We stay at anchor tonight, remembering the challenges we faced, that we overcame and having the knowledge that we are stronger for it all. I leave with a poem of our voyage, written by our own Nicola Jennings, that gives a strong image of the camaraderie and enjoyment the crew has experienced so far.Signing off, ARRRRR!Youth Captain Xavier Snell(Captain X)’Twas the 3rd of January,And there was a buzz in the air.While Louis was shoe shopping,Someone yelled “look over there!”Upon the midships, the Captain could be seen,Donning his uniform, face agleam.We waved goodbye and manned our posts,We climbed the mast, braving the height.Later we set sail down the coast,Through choppy seas all day and night.Jann’s keenness at supper became a time-bomb,He delivered it with Snowy’s aplonge.At Port Arthur we soon hugged a tree.At wine-glass bay we walked � a lot,There was much to see.I can go on but that’s all the time I’ve got,10 “fagnificent” days went by too soonAnd command day ends this afternoon.So to all of the youth crewAnd to all of the staff,We’ve done lots of workBut it’s been a blast. 


41°7's / 146°37'e


2200 at anchor - Weather overcast, Wind E 15 knots, Swell E 0.5 metre, Temperature 16 degrees, Barometer 1015 hpa