Captain's Log
8 August 2011


Ahoy there everyone, Command day has begun! The Young Endeavour Youth Crew at 1300 today was handed over the Vessel by Captain Damien. Straight away we began our task that we were given; all twenty two of them. The first task that we commenced was the beach assault; this task was going to be made up of eight youth crew members who would have to row ashore and raise the Australian Flag and sing the national anthem. After realising this would be almost impossible due to the strong current and winds the team was reduced to six and taken in by staff members in the sea boat. They succeeded with flying colours. The second task that we begun was the climb aloft in which all youth crew member had to climb the mast together for a photo.The third task for the afternoon involved all the crew again, we had to make a hammock out of rope at midships that all twenty seven youth crew could sit on together. Everybody did a great job and the hammock managed to hold our weight without collapsing, that was three task completed!After a great start to our task the youth crew went down and had dinner which was cooked by our three new chefs.At 1815 we began sailing out of Port Stevens assisted by the staff until they gave us full command as we reached clear sea. After some confusion of which sail to set we were making way, although at only 3 knots but it was still effecting. After heading South East and successfully reaching our first waypoint we began to see lightening ahead of us … not good! In no time it was blowing a westerly close to 30 knots, with water spray flying over the deck the Youth Crew managed to set the required sails and we were heading South, a little off track but still with Newcastle in our sights.By this time tomorrow we will have hopefully made it to our destination.Youth Crew Captain Tony


33°4's / 152°17'e


2300 at sea - weather isolated thunderstorms, wind W 17 knots, swell S 1.0 metre, temperature 14 degrees, barometer 1009 hpa