Captain's Log
17 March 2012


Ahoy from Youth Captain Jezza, On the morning of our 8th day out at sea the anticipated and dreaded arrival of some bad weather in the form of rain had finally caught up on the Young Endeavour, whilst she was at anchor in the beautiful Broken Bay. The excellent run of ideal weather conditions that the Endeavour has been blessed with was bound to finally come to an end as we reached the tail end of the voyage.Being command day it seemed fitting that the weather had finally taken a turn in the opposite direction giving the youth crew one more challenge to take on, amongst the 22 tasks delegated to the entire youth crew team at 1300 to complete in a 24 hour time frame.Among the wide range of tasks trusted upon the youth crew to complete in the set time frame, the first task completed was to muster a six man beach assault team, or (BAT) to paddle ashore in a boat and claim our own little piece of Patonga beach in broken bay. Our fearless assault team was lead by watch officer Kate from White watch, and consisted of five other youth crew members.The objective of the Beach Assault Team was to paddle their way in the ships sea boat from the Young Endeavour at anchor to Patonga Beach around 300m away, and raise the Australian National Flag as high as they could and sing the national anthem as loud as they possibly could, whilst recruiting as many locals they can. This would all be relayed back to the ship via VHF radio.I am proud to say the mission was a success with our BAT finding a local watering hole to recruit an outstanding 19 patrons to help sing the national anthem.The Young Endeavour is currently making her way up the coast of NSW to its finial berth of Newcastle. The ships navigator Sam from Blue watch has been working hard and battling a 1.5m swell and 25 knot winds to make sure that the ship is on course and on time to make its anchor in Newcastle by 0900 Sunday morning at the latest.All the bestYouth Crew Captain Jeromie EdwardsCarpe Diem


33°31's / 151°33'e


2200 at sea - weather isolated showers, wind SE 20 knots, swell SE 1.5 metres, temperature 19 degrees, barometer 1020 hpa